Believ plans to accelerate EV charging rollout by moving into the real estate sector with new appointment

  • Believ appoints Craig Butler as Property and Acquisitions Director to lead EV charging rollout in the UK.
  • The initiative focuses on urban centres and transport corridors, securing land, and providing end-to-end solutions.
  • Supported by Liberty Global, Zouk Capital, and Virgin Media O2, Believ aims to address local and on-route charging needs.

Believ appoints new Property and Acquisitions Director to expand EV charging rollout

Believ has appointed Craig Butler as its new Property and Acquisitions Director, signaling a strategic move into the electric vehicle (EV) charging sector within real estate. Butler brings over a decade of property advisory and asset management experience. He will spearhead Believ’s initiative to roll out fully funded EV charging points across the UK.

The company is initially focusing on urban centres and major transport corridors.

Butler’s role will involve securing suitable freehold and long-lease land for these installations. The holistic offer provides end-to-end solutions from planning to ongoing maintenance. The plans are backed by investments from Liberty Global and Zouk Capital, with operational support from Virgin Media O2. This positions them favourably in the real estate market.

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Craig Butler expressed enthusiasm:

“Our priority is to identify sites that will add long-term commercial and environmental value for the landowner, whilst satisfying the requirements of EV drivers.

The substantial backing that our Liberty Global and Zouk Capital funding affords us, as well as the scale that our delivery partnership with Virgin Media O2 provides, mean we are in the enviable position to move forward at speed. As the real estate market is predisposed to low-risk, inherently stable propositions, this puts Believ at a further advantage.”  

The initiative targets local charging needs while addressing on-route charging needs for longer journeys. Extensive partnerships with local authorities have helped Believ expand rapidly across the UK. Recently, they released a pledge urging councils and parliamentarians to support the nation’s infrastructure rollout.

Guy Bartlett, Believ CEO, added

“We have a Property and Acquisitions team with more than 30 years’ combined experience capable of driving real value for our customers.

Much of our early focus has been on enabling local authorities and businesses to support their residents and customers with convenient near-home or destination charging. This new proposition helps us to also address the ‘on-route’ charging essential for longer journeys.”

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