New Believ pledge cards call on local authorities to accelerate the UK’s EV infrastructure rollout

  • Believ launches pledge cards to urge councils and parliamentarians to accelerate EV infrastructure rollout.
  • Pledge to install diverse charge points, follow safety standards, agree to non-exclusive contracts, and use all funding sources.
  • The commitment enhances market competition, establishes dedicated EV teams, and ensures cost parity for charging.

Believ launches pledge cards calling on local authorities to step up to EV infrastructure

Believ, a leading charge point operator, has launched a bold initiative to accelerate the UK’s EV infrastructure rollout. The company introduced pledge cards aimed at local councils and politicians, urging them to support Believ’s mission – ‘Cleaner Air for All.’

The pledge cards call on local authorities to commit to key emobility action 

The actions include installing all speeds of charge points in all areas while adhering to best practices and safety standards. Also, agreeing to non-exclusive contracts, and utilising all funding sources, including private sector investment. The push for non-exclusive contracts is a way to boost market competition, offering drivers more choices. 

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This initiative comes in the wake of Believ’s recent report, ‘Driving the Future of the UK’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure.‘ The report paints a concerning picture. Over three-quarters of local authorities cite budget issues as the primary barrier to EV infrastructure rollout. Access to public charge points has plummeted by 50%. A third of local authorities lack a formal EV infrastructure plan, and half believe implementation is more than three years away. 

Believ’s CEO, Guy Bartlett, commented:

“As more consumers buy EVs, especially with the rise of the second-hand EV market, we are in very real danger that public infrastructure isn’t keeping up with demand. Private industry is ready, willing and able to fully fund local authorities’ EV infrastructure needs – and scale up the rollout.

Our goal with these pledge cards is to foster committed action from local government, through the support of national government. We need to act now if we are to support consumers’ switch to EVs, and the decarbonisation of transport.”

The report also revealed that only 18% of local authorities have a dedicated EV infrastructure team. In response, Believ is advocating for parliamentary pledges to fund dedicated EV Charge Point Officers in every local authority.

Targeted funding is essential to encourage private investment and upgrade local grids.

A worrying 15% of local authorities struggle with connectivity issues. Believ also calls for cost parity between on-street and off-street charging to ensure fairness for all households.

The Believ pledge is about making a real difference. Action from local government works, and this clarion call is a direct route to improving EV infrastructure for the nation. As the UK general election creeps closer, pledges for EV infrastructure are vital. We need to see fast, considered action on the emobility rollout, and we need our next government to take pledges like this one seriously. 

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