BEDEO hits 60 million km: A game-changer for fleets embracing in-wheel motor tech upgrades

  • BEDEO’s electrified vans clock an impressive 60 million kilometres across Europe, showcasing the widespread success and durability of their electric fleet.
  • The Stellantis-endorsed business electrifies and homologates large-segment LCVs from Citroën, Fiat, Peugeot, and Vauxhall/Opel, offering fleets Reborn Electric solutions in both BE and RE variants.
  • BEDEO’s BE models hit 364 km WLTP range, while the RE-100, with 117 km electric range and a 600 km extender, uses Protean Electric in-wheel motors, offering emissions reduction and cost savings for fleet users like DHL, DPD, Ocado, and TNT/FedEx.

BEDEO’s electrifying triumph: 60 million km milestone and Stellantis-approved retrofits revolutionising fleet sustainability

As a pioneering player in the e-mobility space, BEDEO continues to lead in transforming transportation. Their electric vans have quietly travelled an impressive 60 million kilometres across Europe since 2009. Fuelled by their proprietary e-solutions, which include in-wheel motor (IWM) technology, inverters, and battery packs, BEDEO’s electric light commercial vehicle (eLCV) packages are crafted in-house to meet OEM production-approved standards.

Solidifying its position as the partner of choice for more than 40 prominent clients in logistics, e-commerce, and waste management, BEDEO’s triumph is boosted by strategic alliances with major industry players like DHL, Ocado, and Stellantis. Since 2019, BEDEO has nurtured a continuous collaboration with the Stellantis group, providing and assembling electric drivetrains for its extensive LCV family (GVW: 3.5-4.5t). Notably, Stellantis has recently granted approval for the BE and RE versions, marking the entry of the IWM solution into the retrofit market.

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Looking ahead to the future of fleet transformation and decarbonisation goals, BEDEO is directing its efforts towards retrofit solutions.

The Reborn Electric retrofit offer takes existing diesel vans and transforms them into fully electric or hybrid models. This approach brings several benefits for fleet owners, including reduced total cost of ownership, lower tailpipe emissions, decreased carbon emissions in vehicle manufacturing, and the ability to maintain the original vehicle’s fit-out.

In its purely electric form, the BE models from BEDEO offer versatile options with 37 kWh, 75 kWh, or 110 kWh battery configurations. These choices provide drivers with respective WLTP ranges of 117 km, 248 km, or 364 km. On the other hand, the recently introduced range extender, RE-100, maintains the original diesel engine while incorporating a 37 kWh battery. This setup allows for 117 km of electric range and extends the overall range to 600 km through its range extender. The RE-100 grants fleets the flexibility to navigate towns and cities in electric-only mode while utilising the original (often Euro 6 standard) diesel engine for journeys to and from out-of-town depots.

BEDEO’s cutting-edge Reborn Electric conversions owe their existence to the exclusive in-wheel motor technology crafted by BEDEO’s affiliated company, Protean Electric. As a globally leading in-wheel motor technology company, Protean Electric boasts a proprietary and thorough design validation program. This program seamlessly integrates all pertinent regulations, OEM standards, and specific criteria associated with powertrain, suspension, high voltage, electronic components, and brakes. The development and manufacturing processes strictly adhere to ISO26262, ISO9001, ISO16949, and ISO14001, fortified by an impressive collection of over 300 patents that solidify its standing as a world-renowned design innovator.

Established in 2009 by Osman Boyner, BEDEO (formerly known as BD Auto) has been a trailblazer in the realm of electric mobility right from the start, with a focus on the manufacturing and distribution of electric Light Commercial Vehicles (eLCVs). 

Reflecting on this significant milestone, Boyner said:

“Reaching 60 million kilometres is a testament to the reliability and robustness of our in-house manufactured and owned [BEDEO’s] technologies and e-solutions. Our commitment to sustainable mobility drives us to continually innovate and we are now providing practical solutions for fleets and businesses looking to make the transition to hybrid or electric vehicles without needing to replace with a brand new vehicle. Our clients also benefit from keeping costly, and time intensive installations that they’ve already done, such as refrigeration units or bespoke fit outs, which is a huge bonus when vehicle uptime is so important in last mile deliveries.”

Dedicating its efforts to advance proprietary technologies that aid fleets in their pursuit of decarbonization, BEDEO stands out as one of the rare entities possessing its own proprietary, OEM-certified, and reliable electrification solutions of such magnitude, maintaining this status for over a decade. Operating on a global scale, BEDEO conducts its research and development along with its headquarters in the UK, while manufacturing operations are carried out in Turkey and China.

As BEDEO continues to revolutionise the landscape of electric mobility, its commitment to sustainability and innovation is unmistakable. Offering Reborn Electric solutions for a diverse array of large commercial vans, such as the Citroën Jumper, Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, and Vauxhall/Opel Movano, BEDEO is set on extending this transformative solution to encompass even more large vans in the future. Beyond the automotive realm, the company is making waves in uncharted waters, actively expanding into the marine and aviation markets, marking a promising evolution in the journey towards a greener and electrified future across diverse sectors.

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