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Ford Pro and Deutsche Post DHL Group partner to electrify last-mile delivery worldwide

Ford Pro and Deutsche Post DHL Group recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) used for logistics operations worldwide. In doing so, both companies outline their...

BrightDrop enters international market with DHL and begins production at Canada’s first large-scale electric vehicle (EV) facility

BrightDrop, the technology start-up decarbonising last-mile deliveries for the logistics industry that’s owned by General Motors (GM), today announced it had entered its first international market, Canada, adding DHL Express Canada to its customer...

DHL Express announces the roll-out of 270 new electric vans in the UK

Courier company will use Ford E-Transit electric vehicles (EVs) for last-mile deliveries in major UK cities

DHL Express launch a video of the Alice electric-eCargo planes it has ordered from Eviation

New zero-emission plane could be a game-changer for both cargo and passenger fleets

DHL Express purchases 100 Fiat E-Ducato electric vans

This comes as part of the delivery firm’s plan to electrify 60 percent of its European fleet by 2030

Chery and B-ON launch joint venture to accelerate electric van adoption in the Europe and North America

Chery and B-ON team up to launch electric vans in Europe and North America.Their joint venture introduces the Pelkan, offering impressive payload capacity and battery options.Chery's investment and engineering support boost B-ON's capabilities, while...