APCOA partners with Zapmap, bringing parking and charging data together under the EV banner

  • APCOA partners with Zapmap, enhancing EV drivers’ experience with real-time charging point data.
  • Accessible via Zapmap app, APCOA’s network offers tailored charging solutions for diverse EV users.
  • This collaboration underscores APCOA’s commitment to sustainability and customer convenience.

APCOA and Zapmap’s partnership will correlate parking and charging data to make both easier for EV drivers

APCOA, a parking solutions leader, has forged a significant partnership with Zapmap, the UK’s leading EV charge point app. This collaboration aims to revolutionise the experience for EV drivers by providing real-time data on the availability of charging points. It empowers them to plan their journeys with greater efficiency and convenience.

Through this integration, drivers gain access to APCOA’s extensive network of EV charging points via the Zapmap app’s network filter feature. They can specify their preferences, including charging types and speeds compatible with their vehicles. This ensures a tailored and hassle-free charging experience.

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Currently boasting over 750 EV charging points across the UK, APCOA’s network caters to a diverse range of EV users. It ranges from small setups featuring two units to larger installations boasting up to 160 units. This infrastructure underscores APCOA’s commitment to sustainability, positioning EV charging as a pivotal aspect of their forward-thinking approach to parking management.

Kim Challis, APCOA’s Regional Managing Director UK&I, commented:

“APCOA’s live data partnership with Zapmap is another positive step in the direction of a more sustainable future, making it easier for EV drivers to plan their journeys and use real time information to inform their decisions. With an ever-increasing network of chargers across the UK, supported by a 24/7 manned customer service centre, APCOA parking and charging solutions are a convenient and reliable choice for customers”.

APCOA’s parking and charging solutions are underpinned by reliability and convenience. With a dedicated 24/7 customer service centre complementing the growing network of charging points, APCOA ensures that EV drivers have access to support whenever required.

The APCOA-Zapmap partnership signifies a pivotal milestone in the evolution of EV charging infrastructure. Charging infrastructure is essential, but reliability cannot be overlooked. Partnerships like this are building charging infrastructure for the future, with cutting edge data, and innovative functionality.

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