Osprey Charging has installed over 1,000 public rapid EV chargers in the UK

  • Osprey Charging achieves milestone: Over 1,000 public rapid EV chargers now live in the UK.
  • Growth reflects dedication to accessibility and reliability for EV users.
  • CEO Ian Johnston highlights commitment to supporting EV revolution and improving customer experience.

Osprey Charging hits a monumental milestone as it installs over 1,000 public rapid EV chargers across the UK

Osprey Charging has achieved a significant milestone in the UK’s EV charging sector. The innovative company has deployed of over 1,000 public rapid EV chargers. This accomplishment solidifies Osprey’s position as a key player in the EV infrastructure landscape.

Zapmap statistics reveal that Osprey now ranks as the third largest Charging Point Operator (CPO). This is based on the number of public rapid and ultra-rapid chargers available. This growth underscores Osprey’s rapid expansion and its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of EV drivers across the country.

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Over the past year, Osprey has witnessed a remarkable 150% increase in its public charging network. This expansion reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility and reliability for EV users.

In 2023, Osprey notably installed and activated 15 high-powered charging hubs. These hubs are strategically located in key regions such as Devon, Cumbria, Essex, Dunbartonshire, Carmarthenshire, and Nottinghamshire. They serve as vital charging stations, catering to the needs of both urban and rural EV drivers.

Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging, commented:

“With over 1,000 public rapid EV chargers now available on the Osprey network, we are providing the essential infrastructure that drivers and industry are calling for to support the electric vehicle revolution. The rate of growth is matched by the highest standards of service offered to our drivers, through a reliable and easy to use nationwide network.  

Recent findings from the House of Lords have highlighted the need to speed up the roll-out of charging infrastructure by tackling delays for funding and planning regulations, as well as the equalisation of VAT rates between domestic and public charging. Both recommendations are welcomed by Osprey as they will ultimately help deliver an improved customer experience for EV drivers.”

This milestone comes after a rallying call to the UK government to improve and expand the nation’s accessible public charging infrastructure. As one of the earliest supporters of ChargeSafe UK, the installation of over 1,000 public rapid chargers is a positive step towards this goal.

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