World-first hybrid battery-powered NAWA Racer e-motorbike to debut at EICMA Milan

NAWA Technologies (NAWA), pioneers of revolutionary 3D nano-technology are set to unveil its new NAWA Racer electric motorbike at the world’s biggest two-wheeled show, EICMA 2021 in Milan from 25-28 November.

The NAWA Racer is a zero-emissions motorbike concept that illustrates how NAWA’s next-generation nano-based ultra-capacitors, called NAWACap, can be applied to a real-world electric vehicle (EV) powertrain. It combines them with conventional lithium-ion cells to create a hybrid battery system.

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Optimising both energy sources, the innovation opens up new possibilities for all e-powertrains, greatly improving efficiency, reducing the size of the lithium-ion battery as well as charging times.

It also potentially doubles the range and extends the entire system life. Entirely modular and scalable, the system is perfectly suited for two-wheelers but also applicable to any electric vehicle.

For the initial design of the NAWA Racer concept, NAWA Technologies was supported by expert design and engineering services provider Envisage Group, who are based in Coventry, UK.

To develop a fully functioning prototype, NAWA has had the support of InnoEnergy, the innovation arm of the European Innovation Institute, assembling an expert consortium of French partners consortium comprised of NAWA itself, AKKA Technologies, Pronergy, FAAR and YSY Group.

Intended to turn heads as well as offer a ground-breaking electric powertrain, NAWA Racer can provide a range of up to 186 miles (300km) in an urban environment.

The NAWA Racer brings a modern twist to its retro looks with simple, smooth lightweight composite panels and rear arm and an in-wheel motor. The new electric motorcycle will also focus on customisation with multiple ways to tailor and futureproof its striking design.

It’s an exciting time for electric motorcycles and we look forward to seeing more hit the market in the coming years. The NAWA Racer certainly has the looks to turn heads and hopefully engage the two-wheeled world in zero-emissions motorcycling.

Pascal Boulanger, NAWA Technologies founder and CTO, said: “NAWA Racer is our vision for the electric motorbike of tomorrow. A retro café racer-inspired machine but one that is thoroughly modern.

“It is lightweight, fast and fun, perfect for an emission-free city commute that will put a smile on your face. Thanks to its revolutionary electric powertrain, which combines NAWA’s ultra-capacitors with lithium-ion, it also lays down a blueprint for the future.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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