World EV Day launching its major campaign for 2022, EV Meet-Ups, on 9 September

World EV Day, which is brought to you by Green.TV Media, the world-leading sustainability multi-media company that also runs the hugely successful EV Summit, is launching a major new campaign for 2022 called EV Meet-Ups on 9 September. 

EV Meet-Ups will see existing electric vehicle (EV) drivers arrange localised meet-ups with prospective EV drivers. This is to inform and excite them about the benefits of moving over to driving an electric vehicle.

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This could be as simple as someone with a domestic charger and an EV arranging to speak with their neighbours, or an international charge point operator (CPO) managing meet-ups across their global network of EV hubs.

Ade Thomas, World EV Day founder, said: “World EV Day was a project born out of lock-down when digital campaigning was the only tool in our locker.

“2022 sees us take a super exciting new point of departure, as we escape the orbit of COVD, and are able to engage the global emobility sector around real world, in-person, activity, in the form of EV Meet-Ups.”

If you like the idea of creating an EV Meet-Up you could simply find your local EV hub, car park or green space and set up a gathering. EV Meet-Ups has a downloadable social kit that can be used to create a call-out on social media. 

If you’re a member of a Facebook group for your vehicle, post to that and let EV Meet-Up know about your plan here. Then you just need to hold your EV Meet-Up and you’ll be part of a global movement helping the transition to electric vehicles and a cleaner greener future. 

Thomas added: “World EV Day is looking for a sponsor for the inaugural EV Meet-Ups. It’s a perfect opportunity for a large global organisation that is keen to engage with both the charge point operator and automotive sectors, as well as a worldwide consumer base.”

To share your EV Meet-Up and help the growing revolution use the hashtags #evmeetups and #WEVD2022. 

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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