World EV Day™ 2023 takes off in India

India was one of the first time zones to really start engaging with World EV Day™

Major OEMs in India like BMW, Volvo, Kia, Mahindra and Tata Motors all embraced the World EV Day™ campaign.

As well as the passenger car side, Volvo’s construction equipment division got involved with a video campaign. Indian media extensively covered the campaign, including News18 and ET Auto.

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Indian government agencies, including Invest India the national Investment agency of the Indian government supported World EV Day™.  Over the four years of short but highly influential history of World EV Day™, India has been a territory that has really run with the campaign in a big way, from grassroots, to government.

Thank you to our EV pioneers in India and across the globe for supporting the journey to net zero.

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