World EV Day+20, taking place tomorrow, looks set to be bigger and better than ever before celebrating emobility and helping to drive global change

Following the sad news of the passing of Her Majesty the Queen, World EV Day, which was due to take place on 9 September, was postponed as a mark of respect. The event has been reset and will now take place tomorrow on 29 September under the name World EV Day+20.

World EV Day is a global movement, driving change, together. It’s a day of celebration of emobility and a day to shift the transition to sustainable transport with consumer, business and policy outcomes. It’s the brainchild of Ade Thomas and his team at Green.TV, who also deliver the hugely successful EV Summit.

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In 2021, World EV Day saw over 300 million Twitter impressions and a media reach of over one billion. 

It also saw engagement from some of the most important establishments around the globe. These included the White House in the USA, and both 10 Downing Street and the House of Commons, in 2021.

In 2021, Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister at the time, talked about World EV Day and announced a charging campaign.

Boris Johnson, former UK Prime Minister, said on Twitter: We’re accelerating the transition to zero-emission vehicles. As we mark World EV Day, it’s fantastic to see our bold and innovative plans in action across government and industry to make it easier for people to go electric and get the country building back greener.”

The White House’s Climate Advisor, Gina McCarthy, also released a video address backing World EV Day. 

Speaking about World EV Day 2021, Gina McCarthy, said: “The exciting thing about today [World EV Day] is that I don’t spend a lot of time dealing with climate deniers, we can see climate change happening in front of our eyes.

“The great thing is that we have solutions to these things that actually are terrific. We know the future of vehicles is electric. There is no question about it. 

“I know it, not just because I think I’m really smart and because President Biden says so. I know it because every automaker that we deal with is saying exactly the same thing.” 

Ade Thomas, Green.TV Media and World EV Day founder, said: “We’ve created a real institution for global change with World EV Day, with the support of our international partners.

“World EV Day has engaged media, car companies, charging infrastructure companies and governments, worldwide. It’s a super powerful platform to deliver sustainable transport change.”

This year World EV Day looks set to be bigger and better than ever before helping the world move towards more sustainable mobility. This year’s World EV Day will also feature a Leadership Group for business, NGO and government partners.


Auto Trader: World EV Day Headline Partner

This year Auto Trader are the Headline Partner for the day. Auto Trader Group plc is the UK and Ireland’s largest automotive marketplace. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange in March 2015 and is now a member of the FTSE 100 Index, so this is an exciting partnership that will massively help boost the transition to zero-emissions electric vehicles.

As part of its ongoing commitment to supporting and inspiring consumers, and the industry alike, to make the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), Auto Trader announced yesterday a substantive partnership with Green.TV Media, the multi-platform sustainability media company that hosts World EV Day.

Renault Trucks: Electric Commercial Vehicle Sector Lead Partner

Renault Trucks are pioneers in commercial #electricvehicles, with management solutions and dedicated support in place to propel their customers towards fully decarbonised fleets.

Shell Recharge: Global Network Partner

Shell Recharge Solutions offers access to over 10.000 public EV charging points across the UK. The company’s main goal is to grow their public EV charging network to 100.000 by 2030, which means that 90 percent of all UK drivers will be within a 10-minute drive of a Shell rapid charger. Shell’s set their strategy to accelerate the transition of its business to net-zero emissions.

LeasePlan: Leasing, Global Sector Lead

LeasePlan is one of the world’s leading leasing companies, with 1.9 million vehicles in 29 countries. They’re currently working towards a greener, healthier future, with the goal of achieving net zero emissions from their entire fleet by 2030.

Monta: Software Sector Lead

Monta is an electric vehicle (EV) charging platform that is looking to revolutionise EV charge point infrastructure across Europe. By providing an EV charging app for car owners and a management system for charge point owners, Monta connects drivers, site owners and charge installers to supercharge electric vehicles and create an open, accessible network of charge point infrastructure.

myenergi: UK Domestic Charging Sector Lead

myenergi are at the forefront of British renewable eco smart technology innovation by making eco-energy easy. myenergi’s mission is to change the world through green technology. myenergi design and manufacture a range of innovative products that facilitate electrification, renewable energy harnessing and behavioural change.

Bramble Energy: Hydrogen Sector Lead Partner

Bramble Energy is a disruptive hydrogen fuel cell company. Bramble Energy is powering a Net Zero carbon future using today’s technology. The company has developed a route to access, combine & distribute all forms of renewable energy generating technologies by cost-effectively empowering the Hydrogen Economy.

EAV: Ecargo Bike Sector Lead

EAV‘s main vision is to set our cities free from pollution, waste, congestion and inefficiency. The company believes in the future of urban ride-hailing. The company is keen to replace the legacy of diesel transport with clean, efficient, lightweight vehicles to reclaim the city for a people-focused future, with a well structured and cleaner transport eco-system.

Electric Zoo: Subscription Sector Lead

Electric Zoo’s goal has been to bring awareness and education around the switch from combustion to electric, which has inspired their Pay As You Go Electric plan. The affordable, flexible, and customisable electric car subscription service is built to make the shift to electric power as easy as possible.

Everrati: EV Conversion Sector Lead 

Everrati passionately redefines the most iconic cars into cosmetically preserved and improved, technically-advanced, fully emissions and regulations-compliant electric vehicles. Everrati intends to be part of an environmentally focused direction, albeit in a unique way. The company’s vision is to preserve and promote the visible presence of the past with the technology of the future.

Fedex: Panel Partner

Fedex have launched its inspirational Priority Earth initiative, a three-step plan toward delivering a more sustainable future with a goal of carbon neutral operations by 2040.

Osborne Clarke: International Legal Practice Lead Partner

Osborne Clarke are a major international legal firm that focus on using their skills and knowledge for good, by contributing to community charities, supporting inspirational initiatives, and reducing the global impact on the environment.

Parker Lord: Global Energy Partner

Innovation, Environmental Stewardship, and Employee Engagement are the drivers of LORD‘s commitment to sustainability. For nearly a century, LORD has built a reputation as an industry leader and innovator by developing new manufacturing processes and creative customer solutions that also reduce environmental impact.

Paua: Commercial EV Charging Payment Lead Partner

With over 18,000 charge point connectors under one app, Paua are propelling the fuel card into the future by making EV adoption possible for fleets of all sizes. Paua are making the transition to EV smoother and more accessible so that zero emissions road transport can become a reality.

Zeti: Fleet Financing Sector Lead Partner

Zeti’s mission statement is to revolutionise transport finance for good. Their innovative pay-per-mile financial technology, exclusive to zero or ultra-low-emissions vehicles, has already opened the door for fleets to decarbonise with no excess mileage fees and cutting-edge cash flow optimisation.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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