Woolworths launches fleet of 41 all-electric delivery vans

Woolworths has become the first retailer in South Africa to adopt a major fleet to handle its online deliveries. 

The fleet, consisting of 41 all-electric vans, follows a successful 10-month trial period in 2021, which lead to the company committing to electric vehicles (EVs) to secure its future. This development forms part of Woolworths’ larger pledge to reach net zero by 2040.

The vans, supplied in partnership with DSV and Everlectric, will save over 400,000kg of tailpipe emissions on an annual basis. They feature some of the most innovative features of modern EVs, including regenerative braking to boost efficiency in stop/start city traffic. 

With nearly 5 cubic meters of space and a 1-ton capacity, these EVs are well-suited for urban logistics. Equipped with advanced telematics, they enable greater operational efficiency, extended daily range, and driver safety. 

South Africa’s energy grid is largely dependent on coal, so this is a welcome turn towards sustainability from one of the country’s leading retailers. They will be utilising DSV’s extensive solar infrastructure at their Gauteng and Cape Town facilities to ensure the electric vans are run by 100% renewable energy in as many cases as possible. 

Woolworths’ fleet is the perfect showcase of EV technology for South African markets, and has the potential to encourage wider-spread emobility adoption across the nation. 

Liz Hillock, Woolworths Head of Online and Mobile at Woolworths, said:

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“With the exponential growth of our online business, switching to electric delivery vehicles is a smart and sustainable solution that benefits everyone”.

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