Winter testing concludes for the Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 electric truck

  • Mercedes and Autobahn tested eActros 600 in winter, highlighting its potential.
  • Autobahn used eco-friendly brine for effective winter service with eActros.
  • Debuting October, eActros 600 offers a 500-km range, substantial CO2 savings, set for 2024 production.

Mercedes-Benz and Autobahn GmbH jointly tested the eActros 600 in Winter conditions this February

Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Autobahn GmbH recently tested the eActros 600 in winter service trials on the A2 highway in Germany. Autobahn GmbH, a federally owned entity, used a prototype equipped with a specialised semitrailer provided by Epoke for testing.

Facing the challenge of icy conditions, Autobahn GmbH sought an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional road salt. They opted for a brine solution made of water and salt. The semitrailer, operated independently from the truck’s tractor unit, efficiently spread the brine at a speed of 80 km/h, covering a width of 12 metres. Wireless control via a radio remote system allowed this precise spreading.

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The successful trials underscore the potential of electric trucks in fulfilling critical roles, even in demanding winter scenarios.

Having made its debut in October, the eActros 600 is designed for long-haul transportation, with series production slated to kick off by the end of 2024. With a robust battery capacity exceeding 600 kilowatt hours, this electric truck stands out by delivering a commendable range of 500 kilometres without the need for interim charging.

In terms of environmental impact, the eActros 600’s CO2 footprint hinges on the electricity mix used during driving operations. Current estimates indicate around 40% CO2 savings compared to its diesel counterpart when considering the European energy mix. However, this figure skyrockets to over 80% with fully renewable energies over the product’s ten-year life cycle, resulting in substantial CO2 savings.

The successful trial shows that the world of electric trucks is capable of taking on all of the challenges of conventional trucking. As the global offering for electric trucks expands, it’s important to demonstrate their versatility, durability, and reliability.

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