Volta Trucks reveals first Truck as a Service (TaaS) customer operations centre for its electric vehicles (EVs) in Paris

Volta Trucks, a leading electric commercial vehicle manufacturer and services provider, has revealed its first Volta Trucks Hub. The new hub will deliver its Truck as a Service (TaaS) customer-focused operations as the first full-electric Volta Zero  trucks start customer evaluation in mid-2022.

This important milestone confirms the first location where vehicles will be serviced and maintained in Paris, with confirmation of the Volta Trucks London Hub location due shortly.

The Volta Zero all-electric truck, which is being manufactured at a facility in Steyr, Austria, has been designed for city-centre distribution, reducing the environmental impact of freight transport in urban centres, where air quality is at its worst.

The Volta Trucks Hub Paris will operate eight workshop bays for the routine servicing of vehicles. This includes the new and innovative equipment needed to keep all-electric commercial vehicles well maintained, to minimise downtime.

The Paris Hub will also host admin offices, the Volta Trucks Academy Training Centre and a call centre that will provide the interface between customers and the company’s team of technical and commercial experts.

The new Paris Hub is in Bonneuil-sur-Marne, to the south-east of Paris, and will serve the important logistics centres of Rungis, Orly, Créteil and Bonneuil where the first Volta Trucks’ customers already have distribution warehouses.

The facility has easy access to the A86 Périphérique and is also near the extension of the N406 road towards the Haropa port that provides river and train terminals for several potential customers. The facility offers 2,100 square metres on a 5,000 square metre plot and will serve more than 600 trucks per year.

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The Paris Hub is part of a wider strategy that will see a vehicle service offering across all initial launch locations of Paris, London, Madrid, Milan, the Rhine-Ruhr region of Germany, and the Randstad region of the Netherlands.

The Volta Trucks site strategy covers large metropolitan areas next to logistics centres but is also designed to anticipate the imminent shift towards multi-modal transport including rivers and train, not just focused on the continental long distance transport network.

Casper Norden, Volta Trucks Chief Fleet Solutions Officer, said: “The confirmation of our first Truck as a Service Hub is a significant milestone on our journey to the production of our vehicles.

“Uptime is critical for our customers, and the forthcoming opening of this facility gives our customers the confidence to know where their vehicles will be maintained to the highest standards.

“It also gives us a base for our Volta Trucks Academy training school for drivers, sales teams and the technicians who will work on the vehicles. It gives us a hub and a home in every market, with Paris as our first.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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