Volkswagen Group UK and Ecobat extend EV battery recycling partnership

  • VWG UK expands Ecobat partnership for EV battery recycling, promoting circular energy economy.
  • Ecobat collects high-voltage batteries in the UK, recycling at a new lithium-ion facility.
  • Collaboration supports VWG UK’s electrification goals, aligns with global sustainability, and fosters responsible automotive practices.

Volkswagen Group and Ecobat continue to optimise the EV battery recycling process 

Volkswagen Group UK (VWG UK) has expanded and extended its collaboration with Ecobat, a global leader in battery recycling. The new agreement was signed on 27th February 2024. It underscores VWG UK’s commitment to a circular, sustainable energy economy.

The partnership with Ecobat began in 2014 with the collection of lead-acid batteries. Since then, it has evolved to encompass high-voltage batteries. The latest agreement marks a pivotal step as it delves into the realm of lithium-ion battery materials. This step is a critical component in sustainably growing the scope of emobility.

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Ecobat, with its proven track record in battery recycling, will employ ADR compliant vehicles to collect high-voltage batteries from dealers, distributors, and end-of-life recycling centres. The batteries will then undergo processing at Ecobat’s new UK lithium-ion recycling centre, the third of its kind, joining facilities in Germany and Arizona.

Sylvain Charbonnier, Director of One Aftersales for Volkswagen Group UK, commented:

“I’m pleased to be extending and expanding our relationship with Ecobat. As we move to decarbonise road transport, the number of electric vehicles in our car parc is rapidly increasing, and we need to ensure sustainability throughout the lifecycle. Working with our trusted partners, we are confident we can reassure our dealers and customers that we are responsibly moving towards our electrification goals.”

This collaborative effort aligns with Volkswagen AG’s global commitment to the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement. The company has initiated a comprehensive decarbonisation programme and is at the forefront of the automotive industry’s electrification initiative.

Ecobat’s recycling operations adhere to UK battery regulations, managing extended producer responsibility (EPR) on behalf of Volkswagen Group UK. The company maintains stringent quality assurance processes, conforming to ISO standards for quality management, environmental management, and health and safety.

Elliott Ethridge, Vice President of Global Sales for Ecobat, stated:

“We have been recycling lead batteries for VWG UK for a decade, and we are delighted to be able to extend our relationship to recycle EV lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion is a fast-growing technology, and our recycling operations can handle everything from small-format batteries to EV batteries. We also recover scrap, byproducts, end-of-life, and damaged products to help make lithium-ion battery production more sustainable. Our expertise in recycling and recovering scarce battery materials will benefit both Volkswagen Group and the environment.”

This collaboration supports VWG UK’s electrification goals while contributing to a sustainable, circular loop for recycling and reusing battery materials. As the automotive industry continues its shift towards emobility, partnerships like these play a crucial role in minimising environmental impact and fostering essential responsible practices within the sector. 

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