Vauxhall announces upgraded version of the Vivaro Electric van

  • Vivaro Electric van: Upgraded features include a 217-mile WLTP range, a 12-mile boost, and a 136hp motor with versatile driving modes.
  • Swift charging, a unique “e-Power Take-Off Unit,” and a lowered starting price of £42,055 (excl. VAT) enhance practicality for businesses.
  • Vauxhall aims to offer a compelling electric option for commercial use, emphasizing efficiency and accessibility in the evolving market.

Vauxhall is set to electrify the commercial vehicle scene with its upgraded Vivaro Electric van

Vauxhall has revealed sleek design changes and enhanced features as part of Stellantis’ Pro One business initiative.

A notable enhancement comes in the form of an extended driving range, a practical consideration for businesses and fleet operators. The Vivaro Electric now boasts a WLTP range of 217 miles, a commendable 12-mile increase from its predecessor. This expansion is likely to capture the attention of businesses looking to minimize downtime for recharging.

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Underpinning the van’s electric capabilities is a 136hp electric motor, delivering a robust 260Nm of torque. The introduction of three driving modes—Normal, Eco, and Power—designed for versatility while navigating varied operational requirements.

Charging logistics have also received attention. The standard 7.4kW onboard charger ensures convenient and accessible charging options, while an optional 11kW charger caters to those seeking faster charging capabilities. Impressively, the Vivaro Electric can achieve a 5%-80% charge in a mere 45 minutes when connected to a 100kW public charging station. That could be essential for easing the emobility transition in major fleets.

Vauxhall introduces an “e-Power Take-Off Unit” in the Vivaro Electric. Operating at 400V, this unit allows the van to power smaller tools or refrigeration units for cooled vans directly from the traction battery. That will add a layer of functionality for businesses with diverse operational needs.

Equally significant is the adjustment in pricing. Vauxhall has lowered the starting price of the Vivaro Electric to £42,055 (excl. VAT), positioning the van as a more accessible and competitive option in the evolving landscape of electric commercial vehicles.

The new Vivaro Electric will enter the market later this year. These practical upgrades and strategic pricing adjustments underscore the necessity for fleet electrification. Vauxhall has stepped up to the challenge with a more affordable, more operationally diverse offering. 

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