Urban Fox is expanding its EV charging infrastructure with new Balfour Beatty contract

  • Urban Fox will supply EV charging solutions across Balfour Beatty’s estates, upgrading 106 chargers and installing new ones where needed.
  • The partnership aims to enhance reliability, convenience, and sustainability, with a focus on cost efficiency and innovative technology.
  • Robust support and maintenance from Urban Fox will ensure minimal downtime and quick issue resolution for Balfour Beatty employees.

Urban Fox secures contract to supply EV charging solutions to Balfour Beatty’s sites across the UK

Urban Fox has landed a major contract with Balfour Beatty to supply and maintain EV charging solutions across the infrastructure provider’s estates and select projects. This partnership will improve the availability and reliability of EV charging infrastructure for Balfour Beatty employees.

Currently, 31 Balfour Beatty locations offer EV charging. Urban Fox will upgrade the software of 106 dual chargers at these sites and install new chargers where none exist. 

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Key benefits of the partnership include a dependable and consistent charging infrastructure, as well as convenient access for employees across multiple locations. The provider’s cutting-edge EV charging technology features fast-charging capabilities and user-friendly interfaces.

Urban Fox will also provide support and maintenance. This reliable support guarantees that Balfour Beatty employees can depend on safe and well-maintained charging points.

Oli Freeling-Wilkinson, CEO of Urban Fox, commented:

“We are thrilled to be supplying the EV charging infrastructure for Balfour Beatty colleagues across the country. This partnership marks a significant step forward in our commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Whilst strengthening our working relationship with Balfour Beatty, we’re also ensuring that our colleagues have access to the best charging technology available. They can rest assured that with Urban Fox chargers, they’re in safe hands, and will benefit from a reliable, high-quality service that supports our collective goal of a greener future.”

By integrating sustainable solutions, the two companies are expanding EV infrastructure for employees across the country. Balfour Beatty has locations spread around the UK, Urban Fox’s involvement will give their charging network a fantastic new reach.

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