Unlocking fleet electrification with VEV’s data-driven strategy

  • Misconceptions drive overspending in fleet electrification, like the belief in dedicated chargers for each EV.
  • VEV uses data analysis to tailor charging infrastructure for efficient and cost-effective transitions.
  • CEO Mike Nakrani stresses informed decision-making for net-zero fleets, with VEV at the forefront of optimization.

Streamlining fleet electrification with VEV

A shortage of expertise is the most formidable challenge facing widespread fleet electrification

Navigating this new terrain demands precision, but many are caught in a web of misconceptions. One such fallacy is the assumption that each electric vehicle (EV) demands a dedicated charger. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Enter VEV, the fleet electrification solutions provider backed by global energy leader Vitol. VEV employs telematics data to pinpoint the charging infrastructure each fleet needs. 

The crux of the issue lies with fleets embarking on electrification for the first time. This journey involves multiple stakeholders and providers, necessitating specialist knowledge. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here. Misguided assumptions, like the belief in dedicated chargers for each EV, lead fleets to overspend on infrastructure. 

“Making assumptions in the complex realm of fleet electrification can be a costly mistake. With the correct decision-making tools in place, companies can reap the benefits of the energy transition faster and more cost-effectively.”

Mike Nakrani, CEO, VEV

Through comprehensive data analysis, VEV crafts a roadmap for each fleet’s electrification journey. They consider variables like energy sources, duty cycles, vehicle capabilities, driver habits and operational necessities. This data-driven approach streamlines the transition and guarantees cost-effective post-implementation operations.

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As the decarbonisation of fleets becomes increasingly imperative for carbon reduction and efficiency, VEV is empowering fleet owners and managers to make informed choices that will define the future of their operations. In the realm of fleet electrification, VEV is guiding the way towards a sustainable, cost-effective, and optimized future.

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