UK Government allocates £33 million for green maritime revolution

  • £33 million government funding allocated to 33 projects for green maritime technologies.
  • Projects aim to demonstrate, trial, and study technologies like electric, hydrogen, and wind power.
  • Funding accelerates the UK’s commitment to sustainable maritime solutions, job creation, and innovation.

Government funding accelerates technologies, jobs, and innovation to build a green maritime sector

The UK government has allocated £33 million to cutting-edge projects. This accelerates the UK towards greener ports and ships, part of the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC). The financial injection brings the total funding commitment to an impressive £128 million.

Spread across the entire UK, the £33 million will support 33 projects dedicated to demonstrating, trialing, and studying technologies. These aim to steer the maritime industry towards net-zero emissions, encompassing electric, hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, and wind power. This showcases the UK’s commitment to leading in emerging clean maritime solutions.

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Standout winners include Aqua SuperPower and RS Marine Group, based in Southampton. These companies are innovating and constructing electric vessels and charging ports. These projects are positioned to drive a wave of sustainable maritime innovation. During periods of inactivity, the electric vessels will feed electricity back to ports, harbors, and the grid.

Maritime Minister Lord Davies said:

“Unlocking a sustainable maritime sector and the economic growth it provides relies on cutting edge technology to propel it to the next level. The voyage to sustainability demands bold investments to not just deliver greener shipping but highly skilled jobs across the UK.

Today, we witnessed a firsthand glimpse into the transformative solutions that can help shape the future landscape of the maritime industry and support jobs in coastal communities.”

The funding originates from the fourth round of the CMDC, targeting various clean maritime technologies. These include electric, hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, and wind power. The funds act as a driving force for cutting-edge technology. The injection of cash will inspire investors to engage in pilot incentives, fostering an environment conducive to innovation.

The continued demand for funding underscores the industry’s keen interest in clean maritime investment. This support has led to collaborations between the government and private entities. These have resulted in promising innovations with the power to decarbonise the maritime industry.

Lesley Robinson, CEO of British Marine, commented:

“British Marine is proud to celebrate the achievements of our members who are leading the way in sustainable maritime innovation and are among the beneficiaries of the government’s £33 million investment in green maritime technology.

“This significant funding is just one way in which Government can help accelerate our industry’s journey to net-zero emissions and marks a new era in maritime history. Many of our members are pioneering electric vessels and charging ports, in-turn, contributing to environmental sustainability, job creation, and the UK’s levelling up agenda. We’re excited to witness this pivotal shift towards a cleaner, more prosperous maritime future.”

Mike Biddle, Innovate UK Executive Director for Net Zero, said:

“The maritime sector continues to demonstrate a keen appetite for decarbonisation which is highlighted by the 33 winning projects of the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition Round 4.

Today’s announcement shows UK industry is embracing research and development as a solution to a global industry-wide problem and I’m inspired by the ambition of our maritime innovators. The CMDC4 projects will build upon the proven success of previous rounds where DfT and Innovate UK have worked in partnership to show the UK is a leading voice in maritime’s green transition.”

This injection of funds is part of the broader £206 million UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions (UK SHORE) program, announced in March 2022. The CMDC is one of several initiatives under UK SHORE, aiming to fund green technology in the maritime sector. The momentum continues with ongoing initiatives. This includes the Zero Emission Vessels and Infrastructure competition launched last year and the Clean Maritime Research Hub, focusing on early science and research in green technology.

The breakdown of grant funding across regions showcases a nationwide commitment to driving innovation and sustainability across the maritime landscape. This funding isn’t just about supporting projects; it’s about investing in a cleaner, more prosperous maritime future for the UK.

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