UK EV Drivers: Save Money on Charging This July

  • EV owners in the UK can save money on charging with reduced electricity tariffs from 1st July.
  • Ohme suggests switching to off-peak EV tariffs for more savings.

Starting from 1st July, UK EV owners can save money on charging their EVs with reduced electricity tariffs. Ohme, the fastest-growing dynamic smart charging company, suggests switching to off-peak EV tariffs for even greater savings.

The Standard Variable Tariff will decrease to 30p/kWh. But switching to off-peak tariffs, offered by companies like Octopus or Ovo, can maximize savings.

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“It’s great that the Standard Variable Tariff is dropping which will help EV drivers reduce their charging bills during this cost of living crisis. But EV drivers can lower their bills more by changing to an off-peak tariff. If their existing energy provider doesn’t offer an off-peak tariff, then they should consider switching to one that does, to maximise the savings of running an EV.”

Says David Watson, CEO, Ohme 

With an average yearly mileage of 6800 miles, Octopus Intelligent’s off-peak tariff at 7.5p/kWh would cost only £127.50. The new Standard Variable Tariff would amount to £510. Comparatively, driving a petrol car would cost over £1100. The current rate of 34p/kWh has been in effect since 1st October 2022.

Ohme’s dynamic smart chargers connect to the national grid in real time. They automatically adjust charging patterns to leverage low-price opportunities. EV drivers can choose to charge when renewable energy generation is highest, reducing their carbon footprint.

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