ubitricity hits a remarkable landmark as UK EV charging infrastructure skyrockets

ubitricity, a subsidiary of Shell and one of the leading providers of innovative charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), has installed over 7,000 public EV charge points across the UK. 

This milestone is part of the company’s push to use existing infrastructure to provide more public EV charging for millions of UK drivers who don’t have private parking.

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ubitricity converts existing lampposts into charging points for EVs in residential areas. The company is also supplying fast and rapid charging points in accessible areas such as car parks and leisure centres on behalf of councils and local authorities.

Their innovative approach allows for the rapid expansion of charging infrastructure without adding more street furniture. That makes the lamppost chargers significantly cheaper and easier to install than traditional chargers. 

Around 40% of the UK’s homeowners do not have access to a driveway. That’s a huge proportion of the population who are largely left out of the home charging discussion. Making street charging more easier and more accessible to users is helping to encourage more people to switch to EV, ultimately reducing emissions and improving air quality. 

ubitricity will also support local authorities with financing, through various funding schemes, to install more on-street chargers in towns and cities across the UK, further expanding the availability of charging infrastructure and accelerating the adoption of EVs.

The number of publicly accessible EV charge points is a key doubt for many would-be EV drivers. Seeing a ubitricity lamppost charger as you drive down the street is bound to instil some confidence in the UK’s charging infrastructure. Now that ubitricity has hit the remarkable landmark of 7,000 public EV chargers, on-street charging is more accessible than ever.

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