TV adventurer Charley Boorman sets off on a green journey with myenergi

myenergi, who are an award-winning British designer and manufacturer of renewable energy products, has announced their partnership with TV adventurer Charley Boorman. Electric vehicle enthusiast Boorman, who is best known for co-hosting the adventure-packed Long Way television shows with fellow actor Ewan McGregor, has recently purchased myenergis’ award-winning zappi eco-smart electric vehicle charger.

The electric vehicle charger is now situated in Boorman’s eco-home in London. With a new electric Harley Davidson in his collection, the zappi means he’s always ready for an adventure.

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Boorman wanted to demonstrate his easy transition from fossil fuels to electric in this mini-documentary. He hopes it will help influence others to follow a similar path in moving towards a greener way of living. He has just returned from his latest global adventure travelling from South America up to Los Angeles on his electric motorbike for his new television show The Long Way Up.

Boorman said: “This experience of riding purely on electricity has been pretty transformative for me, so I have decided to team up with myenergi who innovate and manufacture revolutionary green energy products. I am going on a green journey with them to gradually transfer my own home and vehicles to using cleaner and greener energy.”

Jordan Brompton, myenergi co-founder, said: “Charley’s values, passion and adventurous spirit are very similar to our ambitions at myenergi so we hope he is going to be impressed by our products. We love the idea that a zappi will be powering his new bike. After his epic electric adventure, we feel we’re the perfect fit to help him on his journey to an eco-lifestyle.

“There is so much enthusiasm right now around renewable energy and the opportunities we all have to create healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. It is great to see the myenergi team at the forefront of new developments and ideas and take a leading role in these exciting times.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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