TotalEnergies fuels efficiency with in-depot electric truck charging

  • TotalEnergies unveils in-depot electric truck charging service for efficient fleet transition.
  • Service offers optimized charge points, ultra-fast options (up to 400 kW), and end-to-end support.
  • Expansion plans include extending charging infrastructure along European road corridors by 2024.

TotalEnergies powers up electric trucks with in-depot charging for efficient fleet transition

TotalEnergies has revealed a cutting-edge in-depot electric truck charging service. The service will deliver tailor-made infrastructure to propel transporters into the era of electric mobility. This innovative solution involves the installation and supervision of charge points, providing transporters with an efficient, customised response to their specific requirements.

The comprehensive solution includes:

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  • Charging stations designed to maximise parked truck time in depots (typically 12 hours), ensuring a full 100% battery recharge.
  • Ultra-fast charge points with a capacity of up to 400 kW to address additional charging demands efficiently.
Mathieu Soulas, Senior Vice President New Mobilities & Marketing at TotalEnergies, said:

“In order to decarbonize road transportation on a large scale, is critical to develop infrastructure and provide transporters with low-carbon solutions. Backed by our close ties with the transport sector and our strong position in electric mobility in Europe, TotalEnergies has developed a solution tailored to transporters’ needs to support them in their fleet management and energy transition.”

TotalEnergies adopts a comprehensive approach, collaborating with customers to assess the required charging infrastructure size for their fleets. This includes the installation of charge points, provision of green electricity, implementation of management tools. As well as the deployment of a smart charging solution for optimized fleet charging, and round-the-clock customer support.

TotalEnergies is catering to transporters’ charging demands beyond depots. That means they will deploy charge points along European road corridors from 2024 onwards. This initiative encompasses high-power charge points (HPC1) for mandatory breaks during extended trips and slow charge points strategically placed at rest areas to facilitate charging while drivers are at rest.

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