Top Women in EV (TWIEV) returns for a third year to celebrate the women working in the electric vehicle (EV) sector

The EV Summit, hosted by digital agency Green.TV, have announced Top Women in EV (TWIEV) will return for a third year following the huge successes of the events that took place in 2020 and 2021. This year’s event will take place 7-13 March.

The event, which celebrates the top women working in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, will return highlighting the achievements of women in marketing and communications, events, strategy, technology, infrastructure, investment and finance, and government and policy.

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Women are so often overlooked in the world of business, reaching high-level positions less frequently and earning less on average than their male counterparts. Within emobility, as an emerging industry, we have the opportunity to disrupt this problematic status quo.

This is the reasoning behind TWIEV, a digital campaign that aims to highlight the incredible work being carried out by women across the whole sector, from engineers to entrepreneurs, saleswomen to marketing professionals.

The event also aims to empower women in the earlier stages of their careers, connecting them with fellow women in their industry to help unlock doors.


Part of the event will include awards in the six categories listed below. Green.TV, mainly via its EV Summit brand, has issued a public call to emobility professionals to nominate women from their respective companies for a ‘Top Women in EV’ accolade.

  1. Marketing & Communications
  2. Events
  3. Technology
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Investment & Finance
  6. Government & Policy

An independent panel of judges decides will make the final 10-woman shortlist for each category. The nomination system gives public recognition to those women, raising awareness of the valuable contribution they make to the emobility sector, and society as a whole, through their work.


The TWIEV campaign also features a mentoring element, where women in the earlier stages of their careers can apply to be mentored by an experienced emobility professional in their field.

Zoom Panel Event

On March 8, International Women’s Day, an online panel event will take place. This expert panel will discuss how electric vehicle ownership can be made safer, more affordable and more convenient for people who identify as women.

Speakers for this event include Erin Baker the Editorial Director at Autotrader, Maria Bengtsson a Partner at EY and Kate Tyrell the founder of ChargeSafe, with more names to be announced soon.

A link to the sign up for the webinar on March 8 can be found here.

Rashida Noray, EV Summit Managing Director, said: “It’s great to see an ever-growing number of inspiring women working in EV, which stands out as a shining light in the automotive industry. We’ve had more nominations for Top Women this year than ever before, and as always we’re proud to be able to provide a platform that showcases their amazing achievements, in a big year for emobility in general.”

“In 2022, we’re introducing a peer-mentoring scheme to our Top Women in EV campaign, set up specifically to help women who are already working in the sector. With mentorship playing such a big role in my own journey, I hope that the scheme can prove to be a driving force to help other women move from strength to strength, both personally and in their careers.”

“In the week of Top Women in EV we’ll also be hosting an EV Summit Online Series event with a full panel of experts, which will dive into how we can make EV ownership safer, more affordable and more convenient for people who identify as women.”

Lindsay Brown, Creative Projects & Partnerships Manager at Green.TV Media, said: “At Green.TV we look forward to working on the Top Women in EV campaign year-round. It’s really inspiring to hear about the incredible women that work in the EV sector, from the geniuses building new hardware to the CEOs leading the charge.

“Every Top Woman in EV I speak to feels included, positive, and optimistic, because we are all here for the same reason; to help everyone switch to EVs, to protect our planet and make it a better, healthier place to live.”

Sponsors of the event include ALD Automotive, AutoTrader and Parker Lord, with more to be announced soon.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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