The Volvo electric materials handler that never needs recharging

  • The Volvo EW240 electric material handler revolutionises the game by ditching batteries altogether, promising increased maintenance intervals and lower operating costs.
  • Unlike traditional EVs, the EW240 operates non-stop with a wired plug, eliminating the need for recharging. Ideal for indoor use or continuous sorting and recycling applications.
  • The EW240 achieves performance parity with conventional diesel equipment, free from noise, emissions, and health hazards, while also breaking away from diesel-related consumables for a cleaner and more efficient operation.

Volvo’s EW240: Battery-free, non-stop power, and cleaner efficiency

Volvo CE has just introduced an electric material handler that’s turning heads for all the right reasons. Forget about the hassle of frequent recharges and hefty maintenance costs – this machine doesn’t even need batteries. It’s a refreshing take on efficiency and simplicity, making construction work a breeze without the usual headaches. 

Volvo‘s game-changer, the EW240, ditches traditional diesel hassles – no engine oil, filters, DEF injectors, or water separators. And forget batteries, it’s rewriting the electric playbook. Pure power, zero hassle – Volvo’s redefining the game.

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Volvo’s electric material handler is a game-changer – no batteries, no downtime. Thanks to a permanent grid connection, it runs non-stop. Perfect for indoor use or sorting and recycling tasks, Volvo is redefining efficiency without needing to refuel or recharge.

The EW240 provides operators with familiar levels of performance and control, comparable to traditional diesel equipment, while eliminating the drawbacks of noise, fumes, and health risks associated with diesel particulate emissions.

Thomas Nather, SAS Commercial Project Manager at Volvo CE, said;

“The EW240 Electric Material Handler is the ideal hard-working sustainable solution for waste and recycling – an industry where circularity is in close focus. By providing near silent and zero emission electric solutions, we are supporting our customers’ need to work more sustainably and deliver on their transformation journey as well as lower the cost of their operations.”

In the electrification of heavy equipment, the crux lies in the demand of energy needed for earth-moving tasks. While hydrogen and high-energy fuels remain contenders, the EW240’s push for permanent grid connectivity hints at a game-changer. If this model triumphs commercially, expect Volvo CE to unleash a wave of grid-connected innovations, ushering in a promising future for electrified construction machinery.

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