The Volkswagen ID. Buzz GTX: The powerful new ‘Bulli’ on the electric van scene

  • Volkswagen launches the powerful ID. Buzz GTX, boasting 100 kW more power than previous models.
  • Equipped with standard all-wheel drive, offering two wheelbase options and corresponding battery sizes.
  • Features cutting-edge technology, ample storage space, and sets sights on revolutionising the electric vehicle market.

Volkswagen introduces the upgraded, extra-powerful ID. Buzz GTX

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has introduced the new ID. Buzz GTX. This Bulli (bus + Lieferwagen) packs a massive 100 kW more power than its predecessors. It’s now the most potent series-production model. Equipped with standard all-wheel drive, it ensures optimal traction in any situation. The intelligent 4MOTION system combines electric drive motors on both front and rear axles. 

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Batteries and charging

The van offers versatility with two wheelbase options. Each is paired with a corresponding battery size. The standard wheelbase model has a 79 kWh battery. The long-wheelbase version boasts an 86 kWh battery. 

Thanks to its quick-charging capabilities the 79 kWh battery charges from 10 to 80 per cent in 26 minutes at DC stations. The larger 86 kWh battery achieves the same. In terms of towing prowess, the ID. Buzz GTX surpasses expectations. The normal wheelbase model can tow up to 1,800 kg. The long-wheelbase variant has a maximum towing capacity of 1,600 kg.

Cargo and configuration

Inside, the versatile seating configurations offer flexibility. Options range from five to seven seats. Second-row seats can be adjusted longitudinally. This caters to various passenger and cargo needs.

The ID. Buzz GTX offers ample storage space. With the standard wheelbase, the luggage compartment volume ranges from 1,121 to 2,123 litres. The extended wheelbase provides even more room. Capacities can reach up to 2,469 litres. But the ID. Buzz GTX isn’t just about power and practicality. It’s packed with cutting-edge technology too. New hardware and software updates include a head-up display. Next-generation infotainment systems, illuminated touch bars, and the innovative IDA voice assistant are featured.

For those seeking luxury, the ID. Buzz with the long wheelbase offers a panoramic sunroof with smart glass. It transforms it into a modern Samba bus for the new era. 

Pre-sales for the ID. Buzz GTX begin in the summer. With its blend of power, versatility, and advanced technology, the ID. Buzz GTX is setting the bar high in the electric van market. The GTX upgrade will continue the success of its predecessor.

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