The next BMW 1 Series will be available in fully electric form

  • Sources quoted as close to BMW have revealed that fully electrified iterations of its 1 and 2 Series models are set to arrive later this decade.
  • The models will be named the i1 and i2, in line with BMW’s current electric naming strategy.
  • Both models are set to be launched by 2027, as BMW continues to have a strong level of EV sales.

The hatchback lives on, in the BMW electric era

The i1 will be offered both as a hatchback model, much like the outgoing model, but also in a sleeker saloon form. Meanwhile, the i2 will be offered as a crossover, with the additional option of a coupe crossover body shape. There’s no word on pricing just yet, but with potential i1 rivals such as the Volkswagen ID.3 starting at £35,700 ($45,260), we can expect the i1 to target a price slightly higher, given BMW’s premium brand image. That would make it the cheapest BMW EV on sale, and while that doesn’t rival the cheapest electric cars, sibling company MINI does offer the all-electric Cooper at a lower £30,000.

BMW already had a late arrival to the hatchback game, launching the original 1 Series back in 2004, decades after the original launch of many of its rivals. However, with this plan to electrify, it seems that the 1 Series is here to stay. With the ever increasing popularity of larger SUVs and crossovers, it’s great to see manufacturers continuing to produce smaller, hatchback-style cars in the electric era, for those who still prefer one. The upcoming launch also makes up for the discontinuation of the electric i3 hatchback – which was removed from sale back at the start of 2022.

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