The new Mag Bike ET.1 E-MTB unleashes pure power with a magnesium frame and a motor that packs a serious punch

  • Mag Bike’s ET.1: Magnesium frame, 30% lighter for a smooth ride over bumps.
  • Tough terrain conqueror: Cane Creek suspension, 12-speed Sram drivetrain, RockShox Reverb AXS, Hope Tech4 brakes, Maxxis Rekon tires.
  • Brose S Mag motor (25 km/h, 90 Nm torque), 725 Wh battery, Brose Allround display.

Mag Bike drops ET.1: the electrifying E-MTB for off-road thrill seekers

Austrian e-bike specialist, Mag Bike, has just rolled out its latest creation – the ET.1 electric mountain bike. Perfectly designed for those who seek peak performance, this bike joins the lineup with its lightweight design, premium components, and the impressive Brose S Mag motor. Mag Bike has carefully crafted the ET.1 to excel in off-road adventures, thanks to its distinct magnesium frame. It’s a reliable companion for riders looking to navigate challenging terrains with ease.

Mag Bike claims that the latest ET.1 model boasts an impressive 30% reduction in weight compared to its aluminium-framed counterpart. Weighing a modest 22 kg, the bike may not be featherlight. However, its extensive suspension travel, coupled with a sturdy wheel and tyre configuration, allows it to withstand substantial impacts. Notably, the ET.1 distinguishes itself by featuring a magnesium frame, an uncommon choice in the realm of bicycles. The frame’s monolithic construction equips it to easily absorb shocks and navigate uneven road surfaces with efficiency.

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Mag Bike enhances the ET.1’s off-road capabilities with a premium suspension system: Cane Creek Helm MKII fork and Kitsuma Coil rear shock, delivering 160mm of suspension travel. The bike features a Sram 12-speed drivetrain (XX SL Eagle AXS), RockShox Reverb AXS dropper seatpost for quick adjustments. Furthermore, it’s Hope Tech4 brakes for reliable stops, and rides on Maxxis Rekon tyres. This setup ensures a high-performance, agile off-road experience.

Performance-wise, the Mag Bike ET.1 is driven by the robust and compact Brose S Mag motor, boasting an impressive 90 newton-meters of torque. This motor propels the bike to an assisted top speed of 25 km per hour (15.5 miles per hour). The 725-watt-hour battery, while lacking disclosed range figures, ensures enduring rides. The inclusion of the Brose Allround display provides riders with a user-friendly interface to monitor battery levels and track essential ride statistics.

As of now, pricing and availability remain undisclosed. But given the advanced features and high-quality components integrated into this e-bike, it’s anticipated that the machine will come with a premium price tag. 

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