The EV MPs: Labour’s new emobility Members of Parliament 

  • Labour MPs Tom Hayes and Perran Moon, with emobility backgrounds, were elected to Parliament on July 4th.
  • Tom Hayes, ex-Oxford City Councillor, played a key role in Oxford’s emobility projects, like the Energy Superhub Oxford.
  • Perran Moon, former Believ CMO and Zapmap consultant, plans to advocate for sustainable transport and green industry development.

With Labour’s election landslide comes a host of new MPs, and there are two who those within the emobility industry may recognise…

Two new Labour MPs connected to the emobility transition have successfully entered Parliament; Tom Hayes and Perran Moon. Tom Hayes is the former Councillor of Oxford City Council. Perran Moon is a former Councillor and former Chief Marketing Officer at Believ, and former Marketing Consultant at Zapmap.

Tom Hayes was elected MP for Bournemouth East on the 4th of July, while Perran Moon became MP for Camborne and Redruth & Hayle on the same day. 

We were thrilled to be joined by Tom at the EV SUMMIT back in 2019, then he was at the forefront of Oxford’s emobility transition. Oxford City Council has always been an integral part of the EV SUMMIT, with its political reach and sustainable interests aligning perfectly to springboard the city towards net zero. The 2019 summit was pivotal for both the event and the city of Oxford. The £41 million Energy Superhub Oxford project and the Redbridge charging hub were established off the back of the event.

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The EV SUMMIT 2024 is coming up next week, where Oxford City Council’s Councillor Anna Railton will provide the opening address. What’s more, the council will host two side events tackling LEVI funding. Find out more here.

Perran’s career has spanned two of the UK emobility sector’s most prolific enterprises. Believ has been expanding its 100% renewable, affordable charging infrastructure across the UK. It’s found success through multiple local authority partnerships, and has recently begun delving into the real estate market to further extend its reach.

Zapmap is the UK, and Europe’s premier charge point mapping service. It provides real-time data covering availability, accessibility, speed, and more. It’s an essential tool for fighting that all-too-prevalent fear, uncertainty, and doubt that can shroud the switch to EV.

It’s heartening to see real EV professionals, advocates, and campaigners entering parliament. The new MPs will be championing sustainable transport in their constituencies. They both outline their plans to develop green industry and support the skills transition. They said ‘vote Labour for change’, perhaps this is the beginning. 

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