The All-New Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer Electric: The latest addition to Vauxhall’s Electric range

  • Vauxhall introduces Astra Sports Tourer Electric: £39,995, 256-mile range.
  • Striking design, advanced safety, and 10-inch digital interface.
  • Corsa Electric: popular, £32,500, 246-mile range; Astra Electric: £37,795, 258-mile range.

The Vauxhall Electric range expands as orders open for the all-new Astra Sports Tourer Electric

Vauxhall is making headlines in the automotive world, unleashing its much-anticipated Astra Sports Tourer Electric – a fully electric estate car. This joins Vauxhall’s growing Electric range with a starting price of £39,995, which could level the playing field for high-quality EVs. Combine quality with brand recognition, and it becomes clear that these are the vehicles that will help deliver the early mainstream audience for EVs in the UK.

The Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer Electric

Power & Drive

The Astra Sports Tourer Electric features a powerful 156hp electric motor and a cutting-edge 54kWh battery. Together, they provide an impressive 256 miles (WLTP) between charges. What sets it apart is its efficiency – clocking in 4.2 miles per kWh (WLTP).

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Despite its capability, Vauxhall has kept the Astra Sports Tourer Electric nimble. It weighs in at a mere 68kg more than its Plug-in Hybrid sibling. This careful engineering ensures that the transition to electric doesn’t compromise on passenger or boot space.


Vauxhall’s design philosophy takes centre stage in the Astra Sports Tourer Electric. The ‘Vizor’ front end houses the latest in driver aids and safety systems. Combine that with the ‘Compass’ design principle, and the EV becomes visually striking from every angle.

Step inside, and the Astra Sports Tourer Electric reveals its hidden technologies. The Pure Panel Pro digital interface features a 10-inch digital instrument display and a 10-inch touchscreen with standard satellite navigation.

Driving Assists & Safety

This EV features three driving modes, Eco, Normal, and Sport, designed to suit any driver’s preferences. Activate the ‘B’ mode, and regenerative braking kicks in, preserving energy and maximizing range.

Safety takes the front seat in the Astra Sports Tourer Electric. The Intelli-Drive 2.0 brings a plethora of advanced driver assist technologies. Semi-Automated Lane Change Assist, Advanced Intelligent Speed Adaptation, Lane Positioning Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Side-Blind Spot Alert come together to ensure a secure driving experience.

Ultimate models elevate safety standards with IntelliLux LED Pixel Light technology, featuring 168 individual LED elements. This not only enhances visibility but also contributes to road safety by automatically adjusting to oncoming traffic.


Charging convenience is paramount for EV adoption. As such, the Astra Sports Tourer Electric supports 100kW DC rapid charging. That means it takes a mere 26 minutes to power up from 20% to 80%.

For the convenience of home charging, the standard three-phase 11kW AC onboard charger achieves a 0-100% charge in just 5 hours and 45 minutes. It’s this flexibility that makes the Astra Sports Tourer Electric a practical choice for any lifestyle.

Vauxhall has carved a niche with its Astra Tourer Electric, a standout among the electrified lineup that also includes the Corsa and Astra Electric.

Astra Electric

The Astra Electric, a zero-emission family hatchback, maintains the Astra’s design with the addition of streamlined alloy wheels. With a 156hp front-mounted electric motor and a range of up to 258 miles, the Astra Electric excels in urban environments. The balance between price, range, and design becomes crucial in positioning the Astra Electric in a market filled with compelling alternatives. With a slightly lower price tag than its Tourer sibling, starting at £37,795, this could become a backbone in the urban mobility ecosystem.

Corsa Electric

Vauxhall’s Corsa Electric, a pioneer in compact electrification, has garnered popularity as one of the best-selling cars in its class. With a facelift introducing a new 51kWh battery pack and a more efficient 154bhp electric motor, the Corsa Electric promises an increased range of 246 miles. Starting from around £32,500, it’s a higher price tag than some competitors, like the BYD Dolphin and MG4. However, this could provide proof of the prevalence of brand recognition in consumer choices.

Vauxhall’s electric range looks to the future of emobility. The Astra Tourer extends Vauxhall’s electric range, with a focus on efficiency, innovation, and safety. The high-end safety features, design principles, and electric performance are all bundled under a reasonable price tag. Buckle up – the electric revolution just got a whole lot more exciting with Vauxhall’s latest offering.

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