Tesco’s home delivery fleet welcomes game-changer IVECO eDaily

  • Tesco integrates its first IVECO eDaily into its home delivery fleet, marking a significant step in its sustainability efforts.
  • The IVECO eDaily’s two-battery design optimises payload and range, enabling zero-emissions deliveries while offering rapid charging and onboard cooling capabilities.
  • With 140kW of power and 400Nm of torque, the eDaily facilitates efficient deliveries while leveraging advanced connectivity features for optimised performance, furthering Tesco’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2035.

Tesco drives green: meet the IVECO eDaily

Tesco has just welcomed its inaugural IVECO eDaily vehicle, marking a significant step forward in its sustainability mission. This cutting-edge two-battery model is meticulously designed to maximise both payload capacity and range. Looking ahead, Tesco plans to integrate an additional 150 IVECO eDaily two-battery models into its growing electric vehicle fleet by the close of 2024.

Integrating seamlessly into the Tesco Horwich home delivery fleet, the debut of this new eDaily heralds a era of zero-emission deliveries powered by its innovative modular battery configuration. Its electric motor delivers robust performance, boasting 140kW and 400Nm of torque. With rapid charging capabilities of up to 80kW, it can add 62 miles of range in just 30 minutes. Moreover, equipped with a 22kW onboard charger, Tesco can efficiently utilise AC chargers at local stores to maximise charging potential.

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Designed with bodybuilders in mind, the IVECO eDaily synergises effortlessly with the refrigerated Solomon Commercials body, leveraging 15kW of e-PTO onboard power to ensure prime cooling for perishables during deliveries. A secondary 12V e-PTO bolsters low-voltage power for additional cooling by the GAH Transport Refrigeration fridge, rendering the vehicle entirely self-sustaining in its zero-emission endeavours. Tesco capitalises on the eDaily’s advanced connectivity, remotely fine-tuning driving modes for peak performance and efficiency, amplifying its operational agility.

Rob Smallwood, Fleet Manager at Tesco said: 

“The delivery of the IVECO eDaily electric home delivery van to our Horwich store is an exciting step as we move towards a fully electric fleet across the UK by 2030. The extended range the eDaily offers will enable us to reach more customers in a single trip at our bigger catchments stores, and help us reach our commitment to be carbon neutral in our own operations by 2035.”

Since 2010, the IVECO Daily has been a stalwart fixture in Tesco’s nationwide delivery fleet. Boasting a class-leading turning circle, it’s a driver’s dream, especially in urban settings where manouverability is key. Transitioning to the all-electric eDaily should be a breeze for drivers, thanks to the familiarity of the diesel vehicles already equipped with the Hi-Matic automatic transmission. Tesco’s commitment to ease of operation remains unwavering with this eco-friendly upgrade.

IVECO UK Light Business-line Director, Mike Cutts, said:

“The IVECO eDaily is one of the most innovative electric vehicles in its segment, and we are delighted that Tesco continues its IVECO Daily journey with this new EV. In addition to the Total Cost of Ownership benefits eDaily affords, this fleet will also dramatically reduce delivery emissions.”

In embracing the IVECO eDaily, Tesco sets a new standard for sustainable delivery solutions. With its seamless integration into the home delivery fleet, this game-changer embodies Tesco’s commitment to environmental stewardship and operational excellence. As Tesco drives towards a fully electric fleet by 2030, the eDaily’s extended range and advanced features promise to redefine the future of urban deliveries while significantly reducing carbon emissions. With each mile travelled, Tesco reaffirms its dedication to building a greener, more efficient tomorrow for all.

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