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Milence calls for action to prepare Europe’s energy grid for emobility 

Milence presents White Paper with vital recommendations to bolster Europe's grid for electric HDV charging.EU's Grid Action Plan necessitates €600 billion investments by 2030, prompting Milence's targeted response.Recommendations cover transparency, streamlined applications, proactive grid...

£1.3 billion sustainable transport investment programme confirmed for the West Midlands in the UK

This will include investment in a network of 10 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations

UK Department for Transport (DfT) announces it’s on track to reach 4,000 zero emission bus pledge with £200 million boost

Multimillion-pound package to deliver huge fleet of electric and hydrogen powered buses and infrastructure across 12 areas England

Reactions from the industry on the UK government’s electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure plans

Key players comment on the UK government’s announcement to spend £1.6 billion to reach 300,000 public electric vehicle chargepoints in the UK by 2030

UK government announces £1.6 billion investment to reach 300,000 public electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints by 2030

New strategy will improve the consumer experience, support those without access to off-street parking and provide fast charging for longer journeys

UK Government reduces grants available on the purchase of new electric vehicles (EVs)

Electric car grant falls from £2,500 to £1,500 while the maximum price of an applicable vehicle falls from £35,000 to £32,000

UK Prime Minister to announce electric vehicle (EV) revolution

Hundreds of thousands of extra charge points in the pipeline with new laws to supercharge the future of electric cars

UK Government announces £620 million for electric vehicle grants and infrastructure

New Net Zero strategy is designed to deliver on its commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050

Government publishes its ‘greenprint’ to decarbonise all modes of domestic transport by 2050

The transport decarbonisation plan will provide cleaner air, healthier communities and creates tens of thousands of new green jobs

Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) calls for greater government support for private uptake of electric vehicles

Business users are outnumbering private drivers of electric cars in the UK

Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) executive director Joe Britton issues response to US President’s executive order

Biden-Harris administration is demonstrating its strong commitment to rapid vehicle electrification

US President Joe Biden will make entire 645,000 federal vehicle fleet electric

US transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg has expressed he would like to put millions of electric cars on US roads
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California adds an additional $1,500 incentive towards buying electric cars and vehicles

With state and federal incentives electric car purchasers can save up to $13,500

UK government announces its 10-point green plan that includes banning the sales of petrol and diesel cars from 2030

Boris Johnson announces the zero-emission electric cars and vehicles are the future of mobility in the UK

Over half of UK motorists believe the sales ban on petrol and diesel vehicles should be moved to 2030

Research by Powermyev finds the future of cars is electric

Kingstown Works Limited and Hull City Council expands its fleet with Peugeot e-Expert 100 percent electric vans

Hull City Council continue to working towards electrifying its entire fleet

With a changing of the guard in the US, the future of the traditional yellow school bus could be green

Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris helping to lead the charge with the 'Clean School Bus Act'

New Jersey calls for the ban of sales of combustion engine vehicles and move to electric cars by 2035

First East Coast state to call for zero-emission electric cars

New Government CO2 targets remove the threat to electric car and vehicle supply

New UK rules are in line with what is happening in the EU

Scotland awards £7.4 million for electric buses

35 of 41 new electric buses to be built in Scotland

California to ban internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2035

Will this be too late for the car-centric golden state on America’s west coast?

Scotland encourages purchase of electric cars

Interest-free loans continue to be available for new or used electric car purchases

Highways England invests £9.3 million in ‘try before you buy’ electric vehicle scheme

Announcement at World EV Day to help promote commercial electric vehicle use

Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) England discover British people would like petrol vehicle sales to end sooner than 2035

Survey finds 96 percent believe it would have a positive effect on public health
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