Milence calls for action to prepare Europe’s energy grid for emobility 

  • Milence presents White Paper with vital recommendations to bolster Europe’s grid for electric HDV charging.
  • EU’s Grid Action Plan necessitates €600 billion investments by 2030, prompting Milence’s targeted response.
  • Recommendations cover transparency, streamlined applications, proactive grid planning, regulatory reforms, renewable energy integration, and fee restructuring.

Milence launches a White Paper outlining 6 policy suggestions to prepare the energy grid in Europe

Milence, a frontrunner in heavy-duty vehicle (HDV) electrification, has just unveiled a White Paper with six pivotal policy recommendations. These proposals would fortify Europe’s grid infrastructure. With these in place, Europe would be ready for the impending surge in demand for electric HDV charging.

Europe is on the brink of a colossal grid makeover. This is spurred by the EU’s Grid Action Plan, which demands a staggering €600 billion in investments by 2030 to meet climate targets. Milence’s White Paper is a direct response to this need. 

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So, what do these recommendations entail?

  • Enhanced transparency: Milence advocates for user-friendly tools to quickly access detailed grid capacity information, facilitating informed decisions for charging site selection.
  • Streamlined applications: Simplifying the approval process for Charge Point Operators ensures quicker deployment of charging stations, aligning with regulatory standards.
  • Proactive grid planning: Collaboration among stakeholders anticipates future demands, ensuring infrastructure investments meet market needs and sustainability goals.
  • Regulatory reforms: Incentivising Distribution System Operators to invest in grid upgrades anticipates future demand growth, ensuring grid resilience.
  • Renewable energy integration: Direct connection of charging hubs to nearby renewable sources reduces reliance on fossil fuels, enhancing sustainability.

Time and volume-based fees: Transitioning to these fees reflects actual usage patterns, promoting fairness and efficiency in charging infrastructure.

In tandem with these policy recommendations, Milence is already at the forefront of electrified HDV infrastructure. Their expansive public charging network is equipped with state-of-the-art CCS and MCS chargers. With their third Swedish charging hub underway, the company is spreading high-power charging across Europe.

Milence’s White Paper serves as a clarion call to industry stakeholders and policymakers alike. We need collective action to fortify Europe’s grid for the emobility transition. With the UK general election looming, it’ll be interesting to see whether these policy suggestions take their own form in party manifestos. Roel Vissers, Chief Commercial Officer of Milence, is joining the EV SUMMIT 2024 as a Keynote Speaker. Roel will dissect the challenges facing Europe, and what we can do to help. Get your delegate pass here to join.

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