Spotted: Is a Volta Trucks x Olympics partnership on the horizon?

  • The Volta Trucks project is alive and kicking, with a Volta Zero sporting the Olympic Games logos spotted in Paris. Could we be in for a summer collaboration?
  • Hot on the heels of production plans taking form, Steyr Automotive gears up to revive Volta Zero production in Austria. 
  • All eyes are peeled as it seems Volta Trucks prepares to make its commercial comeback, now under the ownership of Luxor Capital.

Volta Trucks x Olympics: A summer collaboration in the works?

The Volta Trucks project is still very much alive, fuelling speculation of Olympic dreams as a Volta Zero is spotted sporting the Olympic Games logos on the streets of Paris.

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This follows closely on the heels of the confirmation that the company had taken a vital step toward resuming production by securing an agreement with Steyr Automotive just last week. 

The International Olympic Committee is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by reducing direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, and by compensating emissions as a last resort. 

A few days ago, it was confirmed that Toyota, its Worldwide Mobility Partner, had delivered the first vehicles for the official fleet that will support the Olympic and Paralympic Games later this year. In total, Toyota is set to provide over 2,650 EVs and 700 electric last-mile mobility solutions, underscoring its dedication to showcasing inclusive and sustainable mobility at the Games.

All eyes are now peeled as it seems Volta Trucks is taking steps to prepare to make its commercial comeback. 

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