Seamless EV charging is one step closer

  • Integration of Plugsurfing’s Drive API with Parkopedia’s in-car Payment Platform enables easy access to over 500,000 public charging points across Europe and the UK.
  • Drivers benefit from accurate information, remote charging initiation, and improved overall experience through in-car commerce functionality.

Parkopedia and Plugsurfing have teamed up to simplify public charging.

Plugsurfing’s Drive API is integrating with Parkopedia’s in-car Payment Platform. This collaboration makes it easy for electric vehicle (EV) drivers to find, start, and pay for charging at over 500,000 charge points across Europe and the UK.

With Parkopedia’s data, drivers get accurate information about available charging stations. They can initiate and complete charging sessions remotely or in their vehicles. It’s all thanks to the integration of in-car commerce functionality, which improves the overall experience for EV drivers. 

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This partnership addresses one of the main concerns for EV owners, public charging accessibility. Plugsurfing handles payments and ensures compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) as the “Merchant of Record.” Parkopedia orchestrates the integration of EV charging payments with other in-car payment services, like parking.

Automakers and drivers benefit from this end-to-end solution for activating and paying for public charging services throughout Europe. Parkopedia and Plugsurfing combine their expertise to make the charging process seamless.

As the world transitions to EVs, reliable and convenient public charging infrastructure is crucial. The Parkopedia-Plugsurfing collaboration streamlines the charging experience, making it easily accessible for EV drivers. This partnership paves the way for a future where EV charging is hassle-free, efficient, and widely available across Europe and beyond.

“(Parkopedia’s Park and Charge service) enables drivers to seamlessly locate, navigate to and pay for parking or charging from the car everywhere they go, as part of an enhanced and complete charging experience delivered directly to the driver. Combine this with Plugsurfing’s vast European charging network and we believe drivers now have access to the best possible charging process.”

Duncan Licence, Chief Product Officer, Parkopedia

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