Scotland welcomes the first EV charge point installation from BT Group’s Etc. 

  • BT Group’s Etc. installs first EV charge point in East Lothian, Scotland, exploring street cabinet conversions for charging.
  • Free access granted to locals until May 31st as part of nationwide pilot program.
  • User-friendly app developed for real-time EV charging information and monitoring.

BT Group’s Etc. has installed its first charge point in East Lothian, Scotland

BT Group’s startup incubation hub, Etc., has installed its first EV charge point in East Lothian, Scotland.

This initiative is exploring converting traditional street cabinets into charge points. This novel approach addresses the growing demand for public EV charging facilities while safeguarding essential telecom services.

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Etc. grants complimentary access to the charge point until May 31st for East Lothian residents. This is part of the trial phase, facilitating EV adoption among locals and testing project viability.

Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Transport at the Scottish Government, said: 

This government is committed to supporting people to make the switch from petrol and diesel vehicles, and our vision for Scotland’s future public EV charging network highlights the need for private sector finance and delivery to build on our significant investment in the network to date.

I’m really looking forward to seeing more partnership working like this as we continue to help people in Scotland to make greener transport choices.”

One key innovation driving this endeavour is the development of a user-friendly app by the Etc. team. This app provides EV drivers with real-time information on pricing, availability, and charging speed.

Looking ahead, BT Group envisions scaling up the pilot program to encompass up to 600 trial sites across the UK. This ambitious expansion bridges the gap in public EV charging infrastructure and aligns with government-set sustainability targets.

Norman Hampshire, East Lothian Council Leader, commented: 

“East Lothian Council has a strong track record of supporting innovative vehicle charging solutions in public places to accelerate the transition to an electric future. During the design of this trial we worked with BT Group to ensure the charger would be fully accessible, and that trailing cables would not get in the way of pedestrians and others using the pavement.

We are pleased that BT Group is supplementing the wide range of public chargers in East Lothian as this allows the Council to focus on its public service role of providing charging options in areas less attractive to commercial operators. Use of electric vehicles supports the council’s ambitions to reduce emissions, promote sustainable travel solutions and enhance the local environment.”

Tom Guy, Managing Director, Etc., BT Group added: 

“With our research showing that 78% of petrol and diesel drivers see not being able to conveniently charge an EV as a key a barrier to purchasing one, and the UK behind government-set sustainability targets, it’s critical that we start looking at existing infrastructure to drive innovation at speed. These trials present a unique opportunity to tap into existing assets to drive the important transition to electrification in the UK, and we’re proud to be working with local councils in East Lothian and more widely across the UK at this critical stage to play our part.”

As the pilot program unfolds and technical trials progress, stakeholders remain optimistic about the potential of this groundbreaking initiative to reshape the EV landscape and pave the way for a greener future.

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