Sainsbury’s Smart Charge celebrates its 50th ultra-rapid charging hub in the UK

  • Sainsbury’s Smart Charge launched its 50th ultra-rapid EV charging hub in Enfield, bringing the total to over 400 bays across the UK.
  • The Smart Charge service now offers Nectar points for EV charging, making it the first in the UK to integrate a national loyalty scheme.
  • These ultra-rapid chargers support the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy, enhancing convenience for EV drivers.

Could supermarkets be the perfect charge point operators? Smart Charge spreads across the UK

Sainsbury’s Smart Charge celebrates the launch of its 50th ultra-rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging hub at the Enfield Superstore. This new addition brings the total number of Sainsbury’s charging bays across the UK to over 400.

Moreover, Sainsbury’s Smart Charge service now offers loyalty rewards through Nectar points. EV drivers can earn 1 Nectar point for every pound spent on charging. This makes Smart Charge the first EV charging service in the UK to integrate with a national loyalty scheme. 

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The Enfield hub adds 12 new ultra-rapid charging bays. These chargers, powered by renewable energy, are the fastest on the market, ensuring quick and efficient charging for EV users.

Patrick Dunne, Sainsbury’s Director of Property, Procurement & EV Ventures, 

“Today marks a huge milestone for our Smart Charge business as we become the first EV charging provider to offer customers loyalty benefits from a UK leading loyalty programme, Nectar. Rolling out across June, customers using any of our 400 Smart Charge bays across the country will now be able to benefit from collecting Nectar points to spend on their favourite brands.

With bays in more locations than ever before, and Sainsbury’s stores conveniently placed far and wide, it has never been easier for EV drivers across the UK to access ultra-rapid facilities, and now they can reap the benefit of Nectar points too. Not to forget the added advantage of popping into a Sainsbury’s store to pick up some groceries while waiting for their vehicle charge to complete.

Our Enfield store is a fantastic location, in a popular residential area of North London and near main roads, making it an ideal spot for our 50th location.”

Since its launch, the Smart Charge network has delivered over 65,000 hours of charging.

The service supports the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy by making EV charging far more accessible. Sainsbury’s plans to continue expanding the network with new hubs regularly added across the UK.

Smart Charge stands out as the only fully owned and managed EV charging service from a UK supermarket. Smart Charge is certainly making the most of this competitive advantage. With sites ready to go, and a pre-built loyalty point system, the marriage of supermarkets and charge point operators is almost natural. After all, why not plug in for half an hour while you do your shopping?

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