Pedal and Post offer a deal that could slash urban delivery costs and emissions

Home deliveries aren’t going to stop, so how can we make them more responsible, efficient, and future-proofed?

Zero-emissions cargo bike delivery company, Pedal and Post, is urging consumers to invest in sustainable and environmentally friendly delivery services to offset their parcel delivery habits.

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Research has shown that an investment of £1,200 in Pedal and Post’s new share issue can offset the negative impact of parcel deliveries received by an average household in the UK. 

Jamie Hartzell, the Chair of Pedal and Post, said:

“Home deliveries are really valuable in our busy lives, but we can’t always choose how our parcels are delivered. Investing in a zero-emission cargo bike delivery company gives an opportunity to reduce the costs to the taxpayer, cutting congestion and cleaning up our air.”

This investment gives consumers ownership of 0.05% of the £2.45 million company, which will enable them to offset the negative impacts of parcel deliveries for up to 8 households by 2028, assuming forecast volumes are achieved.

Pedal and Post’s cargo bikes are significantly more sustainable and environmentally friendly than diesel vans. They emit 92% fewer greenhouse gases and 100% fewer nitrous dioxide emissions. They also cause 6 times fewer fatal accidents, 15 times less road damage, and one-third of the congestion of van deliveries.

The Department for Transport estimates that 33% of all urban deliveries could be performed by cargo bikes or e-cargo bikes, and many delivery companies are already moving towards sustainable alternatives like electric vans and cargo bikes for their last-mile deliveries. Pedal and Post is already working with established delivery companies such as DPD, Yodel, and Riverford to handle their smaller packages.

The offer contributes to the momentous shift we’re seeing towards sustainable deliveries across the board. As customers around the world become more environmentally conscious, people are beginning to place great importance on where their packages come from, and how they’re arriving. Any move towards zero or low-emissions deliveries is a massive benefit to both companies and customers alike.

Lisa Ashford, CEO of Ethex, an ethical investment platform, said: 

“Consumers should be pressuring the delivery companies to switch to zero emissions transport for the final mile of delivery. But they can also make investments backing innovative and pioneering companies that are using cargo bikes to cut emissions. By helping to build businesses like these they can achieve lasting change.” 

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