Paua and Royal Mail team up to streamline the compensation process for EV charging with Paua Reimburse

  • Paua and Royal Mail launch Paua Reimburse, addressing fair compensation for EV drivers.
  • The solution ensures accurate mileage capture and full cost reimbursement.
  • Available to existing Paua customers with informative webinars for support.

Paua Reimburse is Paua and Royal Mail’s innovative solution to both personal end business EV charging compensation

Paua and Royal Mail have unveiled Paua Reimburse. It’s a groundbreaking solution to streamline the compensation process for electric vehicle (EV) drivers. This joint effort addresses the pressing challenge of fair reimbursement for EV charging, both at home and on the road.

Paua Reimburse will reshape how businesses handle mileage reimbursement for EV drivers. Leveraging Paua’s expertise in EV payment solutions and Royal Mail’s industry insight, the solution will alleviate the longstanding issue faced by employers across various sectors.

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Paua Reimburse’s cutting-edge technology is built on Paua’s existing EV charge card solution. With access to the UK’s largest roaming network boasting over 44,000 connectors, the system ensures seamless charging experiences for EV drivers nationwide.

Central to its functionality is the system’s accurate and auditable mileage capture feature. This eliminates the need for estimations when reimbursing business and personal miles driven in EVs. Moreover, the solution offers full cost reimbursement, aligning with current guidelines set by HM Revenue & Customs.

Home charging benefits are provided without compromise. Payment options are tailored to suit individual driver preferences or integrated into business energy bills.

Paua Reimburse reinforces Paua’s position as a trailblazer in payment solutions for electric vehicles. It also stands as a testament to the success of collaborations between relatively new emobility companies, and long-standing organisations to bring about a swift and equitable EV transition.

Niall Riddell, CEO and co-founder of Paua, commented: 

“Designed with leading businesses for leading businesses, Paua Reimburse represents a significant step towards ensuring fair compensation and fostering the transition to EVs.

We have spent hundreds of hours with fleets and know that they benefit from the widest network possible. To allow maximum utility Paua Reimburse includes a number of innovative features; upload of external receipts to ensure 100% coverage of public EV chargers, algorithms that work with all home chargers including three pin plugs, and automated calculations that account for commuting mileage to avoid overcompensating business miles”

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