Oxford Brookes University rolls out their new electric bus fleet

  • Oxford Brookes charges on, swapping its BROOKESbus fleet for 21-strong electric bus fleet in collaboration with Oxford Bus Company.
  • BROOKESbus has saved 1.5 million car journeys and 15 million kg of carbon emissions.
  • Oxford Brookes University and Oxford Bus Company’s long-standing partnership commits to Oxford’s 2040 net-zero goal.

Oxford Brookes University hits the throttle with the debut of their electric bus fleet

This April, Oxford powered up its Net Zero ambitions by declaring an electrifying future for all BROOKESbuses. The announcement solidified the enduring partnership between Oxford Brookes University and Oxford Bus Company. Furthermore, it promised an eco-friendly lifeline for students, university staff, and the wider community.

The inaugural launch of the 21-strong fleet took place last week at the University’s Headington Campus. Notable attendees included stakeholders from Oxfordshire County Council and the Department for Transport (DfT). Both organisations were instrumental in securing funding for this pioneering project.

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Luke Marion, Oxford Bus Company Managing Director said: 

“Our partnership with Oxford Brookes University is based on strong shared sustainability and community values and we’re delighted to be entering our 15th year delivering crucial bus services to provide connectivity for its campuses and the wider community. Our partnership working with the University has achieved some excellent milestones in reducing private vehicle use and significantly improving Oxford’s air quality. Therefore, it is apt that the first delivery of 21 electric buses to go into service in the city will be on the BROOKESbus services to take us a step closer to Oxford becoming carbon-neutral.”

Since its inception in 2009, the BROOKESbus has become a cornerstone of transportation. Overall, it caters to approximately 23.5 million passengers in the span of a decade. This service has saved around 1.5 million car journeys each year, alleviating the strain on Oxford’s congested roads. It has successfully prevented approximately 15 million kilograms of carbon emissions. The introduction of 21 electric BROOKESbuses will increase the service’s sustainability profile even further.

Oxford Brookes University and Oxford Bus Company are active participants in the Zero Carbon Oxford Partnership. This initiative is dedicated to partnering with the government to accelerate clean energy adoption in Oxford and across the UK.

Aligned with the UK Government’s commitment to decarbonize transportation, Oxfordshire County Council, in collaboration with its partners, secured funding through the Department for Transport’s Zero Emission Bus Regional Areas (ZEBRA) scheme. This initiative aims to establish an extensive electric bus network. This network will encompass a fleet of 159 electric buses that will operate throughout the Oxford region. That includes the BROOKESbus services.

Professor Alistair Fitt, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University, said:

“Oxford Brookes has a strong commitment to sustainability and declared a Climate Emergency in 2021. We have a strategy in place to support Oxford’s ambition of achieving net zero carbon emissions as a city by 2040, ten years ahead of the legal deadline. This exciting development for the BROOKESbus service will play a key role in that important carbon reduction goal.”

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