Oman to mandate EV charging points at all fuel stations

  • Once mandated, all 676 filling stations in the country will have to comply with the requirements to supply EV charging stations on their forecourts, or face fines equivalent to around $2,500.
  • The move would give the oil-rich state, which currently only has around 100 charging stations nationwide, a charging network that removes many barriers to EV adoption.
  • Is mandatory EV charging coming to a forecourt near you?

In what is a remarkable move by the oil rich nation, the government of Oman has announced legislation that will force all fuel station operators in the country to supply electric car chargers at their sites, as reported by the Times of Oman. This comes after the government announced plans to increase the number of charging stations in the country from 100 to 300 by 2025. EV uptake in the country is currently very low, with approximately 400 registered on the road. This legislation should go some way to boost those numbers. The neighbouring UAE has similarly ambitious plans, who announced in July that it plans to double the number of charging stations in the country by the end of the year – bringing it up to 914. It’ll be interesting to see whether other countries with low rates of EV adoption will adopt a similar strategy.

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