Ohme announces dramatically reduced EV charging prices: One year of EV driving for under £130

  • Ohme announces reduced electricity prices for EV charging starting April 1st.
  • Smart EV tariffs offer even greater savings, urges CEO David Watson.
  • Dynamic smart chargers optimise costs, leading to substantial savings for EV owners.

Ohme changes the game with significant price reductions for EV charging in the UK

Ohme, one of the UK’s premier dynamic smart charging companies, is shaking up the industry with low-cost EV charging. Starting April 1st, electricity prices are plummeting. Ohme is at the forefront of ensuring EV drivers reap the rewards. The Standard Variable Tariff hits its lowest point in two years, at a tantalising 24.5p/kWh. Now, EV drivers can reap the rewards.

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Ohme CEO, David Watson, commented:

“As more people are trying to lower their household bills, this reduction in the price of electricity will be welcome news for drivers of EVs. 

However, they could easily lower those bills further by finding out if their electricity supplier offers a special tariff for EV drivers. If not, then they should consider switching to an energy provider that does to enjoy even bigger savings of running an EV.”

Ohme’s dynamic smart chargers are the secret behind these savings. By syncing with the grid in real-time, they seamlessly optimise charging costs. This allows them to tap into the most cost-effective, eco-friendly energy tariffs available.

Charging your EV for 6800 miles on the Standard Variable Tariff would typically cost around £417. However, with a smart EV tariff like Intelligent Octopus Go, that figure plummets to £127.50.

Ohme boasts an impressive track record, serving as the official charger provider for industry giants. These include Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Polestar, and the Volkswagen Group in the UK and Ireland.

Whether you’re a seasoned EV enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Ohme’s innovative solutions are making EV driving more accessible and cost-effective for everyone. As cost becomes the main hurdle between drivers and electric vehicles, charge point operators like Ohme are doing everything they can to ease the transition. 

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