Nissan using Formula E to transform the way communities connect and move, and inspire a sustainable society

Nissan has announced its long-term commitment to the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship race series. The Japanese carmaker will be racing through to the end of season twelve (2025-2026) of the all-electric racing series. They joined the series in season five as the only Japanese manufacturer.

Nissan says it races in this world championship to bring the excitement and fun of zero-emission electric vehicles to a global audience. As part of its goal to achieve carbon neutrality across its operations and the life cycle of its products by 2050, Nissan intends to electrify all-new Nissan vehicle offerings by the early 2030s.

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Nissan aims to bring its expertise in transferring knowledge and technology between the race track and road for better electric vehicles for customers.

Ashwani Gupta, Nissan’s CEO, said: “Nissan’s vision for cars goes far beyond simply modes of transport. We aim to design and build electric vehicles that transform the way communities connect and move, and inspire us all to work towards a sustainable society.

“For Nissan, Formula E helps us bring excitement, energy and the environment to the forefront as we deliver this vision of the future to an ever-growing, new, young and diverse audience.”

In the first two seasons in Formula E, Nissan focused on its “Phase One – road-to-track” technical objectives. This took experience and learnings from the LEAF, Nissan’s most recognisable road electric car, to develop the performance of the Nissan e.dams race car.

In its debut season, Nissan e.dams was the best qualifying team in the championships. In its second season, the team powered to second place in the team championship.

As the team races in the current 2020-2021 season and looks toward the Gen3 era from season nine, it embarks on “Phase Two – track-to-road” of its technology transfer goals. This is where the technically fast-moving championship will help Nissan showcase features that aim to encourage consumer adoption of its electric cars.

Tommaso Volpe, Nissan’s global motorsport director, said: “We entered the sport with a “road-to-track” technical transfer approach, and by extending our racing program through the Gen3 era, we have the opportunity to close the circle with “track-to-road” technical transfer.

“We believe that, as one of the most global manufacturers involved in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, this sport is the perfect platform to promote our expertise in electrification and demonstrate our commitment to more sustainable mobility solutions.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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