LV= launches Electrix to help drivers quickly and easily lease, charge and insure an electric car

LV= General Insurance, one of the UK’s largest insurers of electric vehicles (EVs), is today launching ElectriX. This is one-stop shop offers drivers everything they need to get on the road with an electric car. This includes leasing a vehicle through to buying a home charger and getting electric car insurance.

The electric car market is taking off at an impressive rate, with battery electric cars accounting for 11.6 percent of all UK car registrations in 2021 and 16 percent of new car sales in June 2022. Many drivers are interested in making the switch but are potentially confused or put off by upfront costs, fear of the unknown when it comes to range anxiety and battery life, or the challenges of charging while on the road.

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ElectriX helps solve these issues by demystifying the buying experience and making it easy to make the switch by providing everything in one place. From finding the right car through vehicle leasing experts CBVC Vehicle Management, providing a home charging solution via leading provider Indra, and offering bespoke insurance from LV= as well as useful guidance and advice, ElectriX is designed to give drivers confidence in electric cars.


Leasing is one of the easiest ways of driving an electric car without the expense of outright purchase. Here, the co-branded end-to-end leasing journey with CBVC Vehicle Management will help drivers find the right car for them, based on their needs and budget. 

Hundreds of electric cars are available now across a wide range of makes and models, including the Renault ZOE, Hyundai KONA, Volkswagen ID.3 and Peugeot 208, with rental prices starting from as little as £238 a month.

Some manufacturers are currently giving a 9-12 month wait time for electric cars but ElectriX aims to deliver the vehicle to the driver’s doorstep as quickly as possible, with lots of cars available straight away.

Smart Home Charging

The home charging solution with Indra gives drivers the chance to buy a Smart PRO home charger, which is compatible with all electric cars. The charger is designed to help drivers charge their car from home when it is cheapest and most convenient for them. It offers speeds up to 7.4kW boosting an electric car’s range by 30 miles in an hour. 

Prices start at £1,149 and and includes free installation with up 15-metres of mains supply cabling, as well as a 5-metre charging cable designed to fit all electric vehicles. The charging package also includes a series of smart features, including a personal charging schedule, solar compatibility, automatic software updates and home fuse protection.


LV= General Insurance is one of the leading providers of electric car insurance in the UK and launched the first bespoke product back in 2019. The insurance provides tailored cover to meet the specific needs of electric car owners. This includes cover for home charging cables and wall boxes, the supply of electric or hybrid courtesy cars and access to a network of specialist electric car repairers across the country. 

It also covers drivers if they run out of charge, either via a 30-minute charge at the roadside or transportation to the nearest charging unit as well as a 90-day quote validity and LV= Britannia Rescue breakdown cover.

Gill Nowell, ElectriX Head of EV Communications, said: “Electric cars are our future and are rapidly gaining in popularity as being great cars to own and drive. The tide is turning in favour of zero tailpipe emission vehicles, with battery electric cars making up 16 percent of car sales during the first half of 2022, but we still have a long way to go. This is where ElectriX comes in. 

“We want to take the hassle out of electric car ownership which is why we’re giving drivers who are thinking about making the switch access to useful information, products and services, demystifying some of the common jargon used and be a source of truth when it comes to zero tailpipe emission driving.”

Mike Manners, CBVC Vehicle Management Managing Director, said: “The transition to electric vehicles is so critical and with our joint know-how we are thrilled that we can now offer consumers a really exciting and affordable pathway into electric cars. ElectriX not only makes things really easy for the customer but also provides access to a great range of new vehicles right now.”

Leighton King, Indra Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Indra’s technology sets high standards in sustainability, safety, ease of use and innovation and, with unbeaten reliability, our high-quality EV chargers are not only smart for customers but deliver maximum results for the grid and minimum impact on the environment. 

“Our product will play a key role in demonstrating how easy and convenient EV ownership can be, which is a natural fit with the ElectriX customer-centric philosophy.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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