London’s Kingston Council bolsters net zero ambitions with 27 electric waste collection trucks

  • Kingston Council and Veolia launch 27 electric vehicles for cleaner, quieter waste collection.
  • Single-material collections improve recycling while reducing pollution.
  • Part of Kingston Council’s mission to reach net zero emissions by 2030.

Kingston Council is revolutionizing its waste collection services in a bid to hit net zero by 2030

In collaboration with Veolia, the council is rolling out a fleet of 27 new electric collection vehicles to replace its diesel models. This initiative, commencing this September, aligns with Kingston Council’s pledge to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. The council has made the decision to stick to the pledge despite the changing decarbonisation landscape in the UK. 

The introduction of these EVs heralds a cleaner, greener, and quieter era for waste collection across the borough. These cutting-edge trucks will minimize noise pollution and drastically reduce harmful emissions. These pollutants have long been contributors to poor air quality, affecting the health and well-being of Kingston’s residents.

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One significant change lies in the dedication of each new EV to single-material collections. This marks a departure from the diesel counterparts that combine food waste and mixed recycling. This strategic shift is designed to improve recycling quality, thereby boosting Kingston’s recycling rates. Additionally, the reduction in contamination will lead to fewer trips to disposal sites, saving valuable energy resources.

Scott Edgell, General Manager for Veolia South London said: 

“We’re excited to see our partnership with Kingston Council result in a better service for residents, along with reduced air and noise pollution thanks to the introduction of our new electric fleet of recycling and waste collection vehicles. 

“By constantly innovating our resources and services we can drive ecological transformation across the borough and support our partner on their net zero carbon journey.” 

Councillor Noel Hadjimichael, Kingston Council’s Portfolio Holder for Assets, Commissioning and Waste commented: 

“This is a huge milestone for climate action in Kingston. We are committed to finding sustainable solutions to tackle climate change and introducing a fully electric waste collection fleet demonstrates that. We are proud to be one of the first authorities nationally to make such a move. 

“By introducing an electric waste fleet, we’ll help improve the borough’s air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly, bringing us closer to achieving net zero by 2030. ” 

Kingston Council aims to bring the borough closer to its net zero target by 2030. This bold step exemplifies Kingston’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and community well-being. We can only hope to see more local authorities and groups following this path and aiming for net zero 2030, despite the recent news of decarbonisation delays in the nation. 

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