London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) unveils world’s first electric campervan

London Electric Vehicle Company(LEVC) has revealed first impressions of its new all-new e-Camper leisure vehicle. The world’s first electric campervan, e-Camper, is zero-emission capable making it the perfect way to explore the great outdoors with low environmental impact.

Joerg Hofmann, LEVC CEO, said: “The campervan market is growing rapidly and, despite these vehicles being used for coastal and countryside adventures which often include national parks and protected areas, they are still powered by petrol or diesel engines. This is a major conflict.

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“We can see a shift in consumer attitudes, with demand for greener mobility solutions to help to protect and improve air quality. Our new electric, zero-emissions capable e-Camper offers the perfect solution and is well-equipped with high-quality features that can be tailored to meet a range of customer requirements.”

LEVC’s e-Camper offers flexibility and freedom and also meets the growing demand for independent, self-contained holidays. This is a trend accelerated by the Covid pandemic and the search for more sustainable travel and staycations.

LEVC sees huge potential across the UK and Europe, and in partnership with Wellhouse Leisure, the first deliveries of e-Camper will take place in the fourth quarter 2021. The price for the new e-Camper will start at £62,250/€73,000 (excl VAT) and customers can register their interest now.

The new e-Camper will be based on LEVC’s new VN5 electric van and has a range of over 60 miles (98 km), with a flexible range of 304 miles (489 km) with ultra-low emissions of just 21g/km CO2. Owners can operate in zero-emissions mode, ideal for the campsite and powering the integrated electric kitchenette without the need for fossil fuels.

The new LEVC e-Camper includes can sleep four and offers an integrated electric kitchenette. It comes with a pop-up roof (incorporating sleeping for two) and a central folding table.

In addition, the campervan includes a second-row bench seat, which folds into the second double bed. For outdoor leisure activities such as mountain biking and surfing, the e-Camper will support a range of proprietary racks. Hopefully, even once air travel is restrictions are lifted people will look for more environmentally friendly vacations like the e-camper can provide.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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