London Ambulance Service Decarbonises in Style with a Fleet of 42 Mustang Mach-E Electric Vehicles

London Ambulance Service (LAS) is leading the charge towards eco-friendly healthcare by investing £31m in a decarbonisation program that includes the UK’s largest fully electric Fast Response Unit fleet.

The fleet comprises 42 electric Mustang Mach-E cars that take just 40 mins to charge and can travel over 300 miles, ten times further than a typical ambulance in a single shift. LAS has also introduced electric motorcycles to the fleet and will roll out four fully electric ambulances in August.

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As part of the investment, LAS is improving charging infrastructure across its sites and ambulance stations, recruiting new mechanics and upskilling current mechanics to maintain the growing modern fleet.

In addition to fully electric vehicles, LAS has 18 hybrid vans, 13 plug-in hybrid cars, and 10 London Electric Vehicle Company cars used for teaching first aid.

Daniel Elkeles, Chief Executive of London Ambulance Service, said: “Having cleaner and greener vehicles is extremely important in improving air quality – not just for our people and our patients – but also for the health of our communities across London.”

By investing in net zero, LAS is not only leading the way towards a greener future but also demonstrating the industry boom and employability benefits that come with a focus on sustainability. The move towards an eco-friendly fleet will also improve air quality for those living and working in London.

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