Kia and Hyundai re-invent the wheel with the game-changing Uni Wheel

  • Kia and Hyundai unveil game-changing ‘Uni Wheel’ in Seoul.
  • Uni Wheel adapts to diverse EVs, allowing for compact efficiency and flat-floor designs.
  • Testing is ongoing, but global patents applications show commitment to Uni Wheel’s mobility transformation.

Kia and Hyundai Motor Company have just dropped an emobility bombshell with the ‘Uni Wheel’ at the ‘Uni Wheel Tech Day’ in Seoul

This represents a whole new drive system, set to redefine how mobility devices are designed, built, and potentially used.

The Uni Wheel is a functionally integrated wheel drive system that ingeniously reclaims space inside EVs. How? By relocating key drive system components right into the wheel hub. That results in a flat-floor configuration, shorter drive shafts, and potential for dynamic suspension movements.

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The companies have used a special planetary gear setup for power transmission. That means the Uni Wheel maintains top-tier efficiency and durability, ensuring a smooth ride on any terrain. Moreover, by moving components to the wheel hub and effectively downsizing the electric motor, there’s suddenly a mass of extra internal space.

Passenger space gets a significant boost too. Uni Wheel optimizes battery packaging, minimizing the impact on passenger space. For Purpose Built Vehicles (PBVs), where a flat-floor design is key for maximizing interior space, this is a game-changer.

Uni Wheel can fit into various EVs, from regular passenger cars to high-performance vehicles. Furthermore, Uni Wheel can power wheelchairs, bicycles, and delivery robots. The scalability is impressive, ranging from small four-inch wheels to larger sizes, up to 25 inches or more.

Continuous testing and development are in full swing to perfect Uni Wheel’s stability, efficiency, and durability. Kia and Hyundai Motor are not just dipping their toes; they’re diving headfirst into innovation. They’ve applied for and registered eight patents related to Uni Wheel across South Korea, the United States, and Europe.

Uni Wheel is a fascinating sneak peek into the future of emobility. It’s also an excellent example of the multitude of micro-innovations that are emerging so consistently from the EV landscape. The development of electric vehicles runs deep into the DNA of motoring, and projects like Uni Wheel have real potential to change the automotive landscape. 

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