It’s World EV Day™ 2023!

Welcome to World EV Day™ 2023, a day to celebrate, share, and experience all things emobility

World EV Day™ is here for another year! Today is all about emobility, with offers, initiatives, meet-ups, adventures and more planned across the globe.

This year’s campaign is brought to you by Auto Trader. They are embracing EVs in all forms and developing the second-hand market that will be essential to affordability. Alongside them is a host of Partners who are all pulling out the stops to bring sustainability to the forefront this World EV Day™.

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What’s on?

The annual campaign is packed full of activity. There’s involvement in Australia, the US, India and spanning across the entire world. This year’s World EV Day™ is going to be something special.

EV Meetups

EV Meetups are a fantastic way to get up close and personal with EVs. If you have any burning questions about living with an EV, or you just want to check out a few and see what’s on offer, EV Meetups are for you.

These gatherings are organized by a variety of entities, including manufacturers, EV drivers, EV associations, and even local communities. Their aim is to make the adoption of emobility a reality. They offer hands-on experiences, test drives, and practical demonstrations of how EVs seamlessly integrate into people’s daily lives.

Check out just a few meetups happening around the world here.

Auto Trader’s EV Giveaway

Auto Trader are hosting their EV Giveaway. Anyone can sign up for the chance to win a cutting-edge electric vehicle.

For World EV Day™, it’s a special giveaway with the long-range Tesla Model Y. You can sign up today, for free, for your chance to win!

Pledge for the future

Some World EV Day™ Partners have put together pledges to encourage your journey to sustainability. These pledges are a commitment to push your decarbonisation efforts as a company, group, or individual. Check out thee pledges today and see how you could strive towards EV, and who could help you along the way.

The Blink Pledge

Blink Charging’s Blink Pledge is a call to action for sustainability across the board. By signing the Blink Pledge, you agree to:

Support Clean Transportation: Choose electric vehicles to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to cleaner air.

Reduce Single-Use Plastic Consumption: Minimize plastic waste to protect our environment and oceans.

Conserve Energy: Use energy-efficient practices to reduce resource consumption.

Recycle at Home: Promote recycling to reduce landfill waste and conserve resources.

Adopt Eco-Friendly Products: Make environmentally responsible choices in your daily life.

Contribute to Green Initiatives: Plant trees or create gardens to enhance green spaces and combat climate change.

The Blink Pledge transcends words; it emphasizes the power of individual choices in building a more sustainable future. By actively participating in these commitments, individuals become part of a collective effort to foster a cleaner and more eco-conscious world.

Do you have what it takes to go green with the Blink Pledge?

ANC’s Take the Pledge

ANC EV Launch Event; Sydney; November 2022

ANC is Australia’s leading last-mile logistics service who are committed to slashing emissions from their deliveries. Their Take the Pledge campaign is a promise for companies to take on 100s of EVs into their fleets by 2025.

IKEA Australia have already shown their commitment to sustainability through ANC’s pledge.

ANC will offer support to address queries and provide knowledge share support throughout the pledge, whether it’s for one vehicle or many. With an initial two-year timeframe for the campaign, there is ample opportunity to address any queries as we all work towards a greener future together.

Check out Take the Pledge today.

Local activations

We would love to report on every initiative, campaign, meeting and promise that’s made on World EV Day™, but this worldwide campaign is taking off in every corner of the globe.

Instead, we’ll zoom into World EV Day™’s birthplace in Oxfordshire, UK. The local authorities of Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council have collaborated with charge point operators and other EV specialists to offer a range of offers and events across the county.

With free charging, discounts and promotions for EV drivers across the county, this isn’t one to be missed.

This kind of local authority participation is what sets World EV Day™ apart. It’s a way of bringing together businesses, organisations, and most importantly, people, to celebrate and advance EVs across the globe.

All of this is just scratching the surface…

Check out the World EV Day™ initiatives that are happening around you today! Social media is the best place to look, so follow #WorldEVDay and get involved, learn, share, and experience the wonderful world of emobility today.

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