Introducing the UK’s first EV technician training scheme to drive fleet decarbonisation 

  • Veolia pioneers UK’s first EV technician training scheme
  • Skilled technicians needed for EV transition in net-zero drive
  • Aims to address the skills gap and accelerate the net-zero vehicle fleet transition

Veolia move to bridge the EV skills gap

As we drive towards a net-zero future, a pressing challenge looms. We need skilled EV technicians to navigate the intricate landscape of electric vehicles. 

This skills shortage poses a significant hurdle in the path towards decarbonizing vehicle fleets and meeting sustainability targets. Recognizing this gap, Veolia has taken the initiative to pioneer a groundbreaking solution. 

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By launching the UK’s first approved EV technician training scheme, Veolia is addressing the deficit in skilled electric vehicle technicians while propelling the transition to net-zero operations. 

“As we look to achieve a net zero fleet by 2040, we know that maintenance is vital, and to keep our electric vehicle fleet operational we need to have fully staffed workshops that can keep vehicles on the road to make full use of them. 

“Keeping and expanding this skilled workforce, and offering varied career paths, has required a multi-faceted approach covering training and upskilling existing team members, and providing apprenticeships for the teams of the future. This first of its type training course will add to our ability to support a rapidly growing number of EV, enhance safety, and further the decarbonisation of our self-managed fleet. It is a great opportunity for our fleet technicians to learn new technology whilst already maintaining a variety of different vehicles, and by training 40 of our technicians we are ensuring we can deliver a zero-carbon future fleet.” 

Gary Clark Veolia Fleet Director UK&I

This move aims to support fleet decarbonisation and tackle the anticipated shortfall of 16,000 trained technicians by 2032.

Collaborating with Autotech Training, the company has introduced Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) approved qualifications. These qualifications enable technicians to work safely on the intricate high-voltage systems in modern EVs, ensuring operational readiness.

To cater to the growing demand for skilled technicians adept in handling EVs, Veolia’s initiative encompasses tailored courses. These include IMI Levels 2 and 3 Heavy Vehicle Electric/Hybrid training as well as Dennis Eagle’s specialized eCollect training. This equips technicians with the know-how to work on heavy EVs, performing operational and repair tasks. Safety is paramount, with the training ensuring technicians are safeguarded while dealing with high-energy systems.

This bold step aligns with Veolia’s commitment to achieve a net-zero fleet by 2040. With over 200 EVs already in operation, Veolia underscores the importance of maintaining a robust, well-trained workforce. 

“We are delighted to be working with Veolia and Dennis Eagle to upskill their network of vehicle technicians with electric/hybrid training. Having the knowledge to service and repair vehicles with high voltage systems is vital, not only from a technical view but from a safety perspective and Veolia are putting the safety of their technicians first. ” 

Alistair McCrindle, Head of Operations for Autotech Training

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