Introducing the Auto Trader EV Hub, the one-stop-shop for emobility insights

  • Auto Trader UK launches the EV Hub for industry pros in the dynamic electric vehicle market.
  • The hub simplifies decision-making with insights on new and used EVs, market dynamics, and pricing trends.
  • Regularly updated, it includes tools like Market Insight for real-time data on supply, demand, and pricing trends.

 Auto Trader unveils comprehensive EV Hub for industry professionals

Auto Trader UK has launched the Auto Trader EV Hub, a resource for industry professionals in the dynamic electric vehicle (EV) market. Designed for both novices and experts, the hub provides comprehensive information on new and used EVs to streamline decision-making.

At the core of the EV Hub is a commitment to simplifying the fast-paced electric market. Users can explore market dynamics, scrutinise supply and demand levels, and gain insights into used EV retail pricing and speed of sale data. This high-level overview empowers individuals to navigate market shifts and identify potential opportunities.

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The hub is regularly updated with the latest data and insights. For a more localised perspective, industry professionals can leverage the Market Insight tool. This tool provides real-time information on supply and demand trends at both regional and national levels, drawing from a vast database of over 1.3 million vehicles and 20,000+ daily price changes, equipping users with actionable insights.

The Pricing View feature allows users to assess national average prices of specific vehicles over different periods, facilitating informed pricing decisions. For a granular view of specific makes and models, the Detailed View feature optimises forecourt strategies based on up-to-date data.

Access to these valuable resources is seamless through the Vehicle Insight dashboard in the retailer Portal. Here, users can stay informed about market trends, make practical pricing decisions, and refine sourcing strategies with ease.

Auto Trader, processing over 1.3 million cars and vans daily, solidifies its role as a crucial industry player. The Auto Trader EV Hub and Market Insight tool stand out as indispensable resources for navigating the market effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer, Auto Trader supports informed decisions in the evolving world of EVs.

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